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Reports say that Travis Scott is pissed that his baby mama Kylie Jenner may be boning Drake. That’s not too unreasonable.

Even as he hopes to reunite with her, Travis has concocted the perfect way to make Kylie jealous.

He’s put himself back on the market. When he’s laying pipe with some other girl, will Kylie come crawling back?

Travis Scott Solo

In Touch Weekly spoke to an inside source that says that Travis isn’t going to sit around twiddling his thumbs while Kylie dates.

"Travis has been on a few dates," the insider shares.

The source adds that he’s not looking to replace Kylie, saying: "But there isn’t anyone serious right now."

It sounds like he may just be exploring his options. For that matter, he may just want to get his dong wet.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Grammys Pic

That’s not to say that Travis’ actions haven’t been in any way motivated by what Kylie has been up to.

"Kylie and Drake rumors hit a raw nerve," the insider shares.

"But he’s not going to create animosity," the source quickly assures any fans of him and Kylie.

The insider notes that Travis knows that he could really mess things up "by expressing his emotions."

Kylie Jenner In a Black Dress

"He’s not happy about the budding romance at all,” another source divulges.

But if Travis expects that to slow Kylie in her tracks, he has another thing coming.

"Kylie isn’t worried about his feelings at this point," the insider shares.

That makes sense, as they’re exes, but co-parents sometimes have to tread lightly.

Kylie Jenner Canoodles With Travis Scott, Mirror Selfie

"Kylie has had a crush on Drake since she was a kid," the source lets slip.

"And now," the insider claims without offering any explanation, "he’s sexier than ever."

The source with seemingly terrible taste expresses: "The timing for them is finally right."

Well that was pretty gross. If you’re not sure why people would feel icky about this pariing, we’ll explain soon.

Straddling Scott

Even if they’re allegedly dating without too much concern for each other’s feelings, it sounds like Travis is still holding on to hope.

"Those close to Travis wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together at some point,” the insider shares.

“He definitely still has feelings for Kylie," the source confirms.

Well that is no surprise. They were together for two-and-a-half years and they have a child together.

Cute Fam!

Reports have shown Kylie hanging out with Drake in recent weeks.

"They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company," an insider reported.

The source described: "They were joking around, and Kylie was laughing."

"There seemed to be an attraction there," the insider opined.

Kylie and Stormi

We expressed our deep discomfort with the idea of Drake dating Kylie, and we should make it clear that it’s not about Kylie.

In fact, she seems to be a little more age-appropriate than some of the women who have been associated with the controversial rapper.

Kylie is 22 years old.

In contrast, Drake is known as a man who seems to be friends with a teen and then suddenly, when she turns 18, they become something more.

Travis and Kylie at 2019 Grammys

Obviously, Drake has dated adult women whom he did not know when they were minors, and we’re not claiming that he committed any crimes whatsoever.

But between that and the way that he seemed to pour an excessive amount of attention on Rihanna, the dude creeps out a lot of people.

Kylie is a young, newly single mom and a ludicrously wealthy businesswoman. 

People want to see her live her life. And a lot of people are really, really tired of Drake.