Grey's Anatomy Fall Finale Recap: A Miscarriage, A Mistake... and a McWidow?

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How crazy was Thursday night's 2019 finale of Grey's Anatomy?

Consider this summation:

Meredith Grey might have a new man ... thanks to Cristina Yang.

Indeed, that's not a sentence we expected to write heading into an episode titled "Let's All Go to the Bar."


But Meredith was back at work this week after finally getting reinstated, receiving a care package upon her arrival from her former "person."

However, Meredith was confused at first because she thought she didn't receive it.

Instead, she had to deal with a new doctor Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), who was extraordinarily irritating and stubborn and, let's be frank, sort of an A-Hole.

But Meredith wasn’t going to let him disrespect her.

“This is my house. You’re a guest in my home,” Meredith told him.

When Meredith later told Cristina she never got the package, she was taken aback to learn that she did: This new doctor was the package!

Yang referred to him as “McWidow” because he lost his wife to a medical condition, giving our favorite physician someone new to consider after Andrew Deluca broke up with her last week.


Elsewhere, with Alex Karev away, Jo got a call from Station 19 that a baby had  been dropped off at the fire department.

Because this actually happened to her as a child, Jo suffered through a lot of guilt about leaving the little one with a social worker, deciding to keep it for herself.

She didn’t even tell Alex, though, as Link was the first one to find out.

Feels like it could be an issue down the road, huh?


Also elsewhere:

Shepherd had put off getting an ultrasound for 20 weeks, finally giving in and agreeing to see a doctor.

She discovered during her appointment that she was in fact 24 weeks pregnant, a finding that came with pretty dire circumstances because the baby’s father could be Link or Owen!

As you might expect, she was horrified by the news... and definitely had some explaining to do.

more grey docs

On her end, Maggie was scheduled to perform a surgery on a patient that she had operated on multiple times before.

This time, though, still in shock after her cousin died, Maggie basically lost it while operating.

At one point the surgery, the man’s heart wouldn’t restart -- and the episode ended without viewers knowing if he lived or died, but with Pierce arriving at a monumental decision:


a grey doc

“I had a bad feeling. I should have trusted myself. I can’t be a surgeon if I can’t trust my own gut,” she said to Tom Koracick, who ended up appointing Teddy to Pierce’s position while confessing he was still in love with her.

Finally, we end with this:

Bailey was in the middle of telling Captain Herrera that his cancer had returned... when she unexpectedly had a miscarriage.

She was just about to to find out the sex of her baby that afternoon, too, and she was too crushed to even be around her husband afterward.

its bailey

“I’m asking you to just leave me alone for now,” Bailey tol Ben. “I can’t feel this now.”

In response, Warren ended up hitting the bar with Herrera to drink away his sorrows -- when a car went through the establishment’s roof!

Who was driving? Was anyone injured?

We'll need to tune in on Thursday, January 23 at 9/8c -- yes, that's right, 9/8c, note the new time -- to find out!

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