Kaia Gerber Perfectly Channels Cindy Crawford in New Topless Selfies

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Poor Kaia Gerber has been unfairly slammed for "racy" pics before, in part because she was sharng them as a minor.

But the teen model is now 18, and she'll post as many topless selfies to Instagram as her heart desires.

Her latest batch of truly stunning photos is reminding absolutely everyone of her stunning mother, supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Kaia Gerber Poses Topless

Sometimes, there are mega-millionaires who marry gorgeous models and their kids end up taking after the rich parent, not the hot one.

Clearly, that is not the case with Cindy Crawford's drop-dead gorgeous children.

Kaia Gerber is a beloved teen model, walking (the runway) in her mother's footsteps and dazzling a new generation of fans.

Also, like any good member of Gen Z, Kaia is a social media darling with an enthusiastic following who live for her snaps and selfies.

Her fans were in for a treat when she shared a pair of powerful topless mirror selfies.

Kaia Gerber Topless Selfie

Kaia looks absolutely stunning.

Her hair, her face, her shoulders and arms are always there to slay, obviously.

But her expression, even while she looks at her phone, is only a couple of degrees removed from what you'd see in a magazine advertisement.

We know that it sounds cliche and, about Kaia, obvious, but she was born to model.

Just look at her:

Kaia Gerber Sultry Mirror Selfie

Fans and followers were falling all over themselves to sing her praises in the comments on Instagram.

Most of the praise was just "stunning" or "gorgeous" or "hot" or "yesss!"

Others were a little more forward, like "sexy" or "marry me." Pretty tame.

(Folks, she may be an adult now but only by about a month, so let's leave being horny on main for her teen fans)

One absolute creeper decided to comment: "Is your belly button an innie or an outie?"

That's not an innocuous question. That's a fetish question. It's like when an actress gets asked to take a pic after her pedicure. No.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Fans also marveled at how strongly Kaia resembles her drop-dead gorgeous mother.

If you grew up in the 1990s, Cindy Crawford was the go-to touchstone for shockingly beautiful women.

Kaia is not only following in her mother's professional footsteps, she is also rocking the same supermodel body as her mom.

These days, people are so obsessed with butts. But in the '90s, being dummy thicc was never the goal.

Kaia is slender, talented, and radiates confident. Her parents must be so proud.

Kaia Gerber in a Simple Black Dress

Of course, some people like to give her a hard time over her objectively harmless selfies.

This has gone on for years, from when Kaia shared simple photos of herself and her friends at the beach to her occassional "saucy" pic.

Folks, Kaia's not putting her butt on the internet, and Instagram doesn't allow any nudity or near-nudity beyond butts.

Everything that Kaia has done has been aboveboard.

And quite frankly, any adults who have been sexualizing her photos while she's been a minor need to take a long, serious look in the mirror.

Let Kaia lead her life. Her reall, really, ridiculously good-looking life.

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