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It’s been a few months since we last heard from Thomas Markle.

In case you were wondering, however, the bitter father of Meghan did not exactly change his angry tune during this mini media hiatus.

He still wants to know if he’ll ever meet his grandson, Archie — and he still thinks the Duchess of Sussex totally sucks for keeping the lad away from his grandpa.

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Speaking to The Mail on Sunday — for the first time since Meghan Markle gave birth — Thomas reiterated several points he’s made before, telling the outlet:

  • He is yet to meet Archie.
  • Meghan won’t return his calls.
  • And this whole situation just stinks, you guys!

“I would like them to send me a picture of Archie so I can frame it on my wall beside the one of Meghan,” Thomas said, referring to a photo of himself and his daughter together at a football game.

“Isn’t that what any grandfather would want? I’d love to know if he’s got the famous Markle nose," he added.

Congrats to Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

Thomas, of course, has been estranged from his famous daughter for decades.

He’s been living a reclusive existence in Mexico for years, yet he made headlines early last year after confessing that he accepted money from the paparazzi in exchange for letting them take pictures of him.

Thomas then suffered some health problems and did not attend the Royal Wedding in May of 2018.

Markle now claims that neither Meghan nor Prince Harry reached out to him in the hospital and “never once has Meghan ever asked me how I’m doing. Not then, not since.”

He also told the Mail on Sunday that he has apologized many times for staging the photos in the manner described above — and most recently sent Meghan a card for her 38th birthday.

The response?


A Very Royal Premiere

“I sent her a card via her financial adviser in L.A. but received no acknowledgment,” he told the publication. “I have no idea if she got it.”

Thomas has said on numerous occasions that he just wants to be a small part of Meghan’s life, but that the Royal Beauty refuses to give him the proverbial, or actual, time of day.

"There was never any problem between Meghan and me until recently,” he continued in this interview, adding:

“I’ve stayed quiet because Meghan was pregnant with Archie but I’m speaking out now because they and their PR people are continuing to ghost me out of her life.”

Does he hope to someday see and interact with his is grandson?


Showing Off Archie

“Of course, I’m disappointed not to see Archie,” he continued. “I had hoped becoming a mother would mellow Meghan and she would reach out.”

Meghan and Harry are both well-known for their humanitarian efforts.

They’re considered an especially charitable and giving couple, but Thomas thinks the twosome have failed to live up to this billing.

“Everyone raves about how gracious and wonderful they are, but they are not wonderful to their own family. That’s hypocritical,” he said simply.

“You can’t portray yourself as being charitable and bringing people together and then ghost your own father and your entire family. Their treatment of me has left a lot to be desired.”

Still, Thomas holds out hope.

“I believe all family differences can be resolved and I believe that can still happen for me, Meghan and Harry,” he concluded.

“I always hoped I would be as close to Meghan’s child as I was to her when she was a child.”