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Early this month, Larissa Lima dumped Eric Nichols over Instagram. After seven months of dating, it’s over.

It looks like Eric has hard feelings, as he’s apparently made friends with her other ex, Coltee. Now, Larissa may have her revenge.

Larissa responded to a salacious question about penis size, and it has fans wondering: is she dragging both of her exes?

Larissa Lima is Single Again

Larissa was married to Colt Johnson for about seven months before their bitter, violent split — followed by a much needed divorce.

The next month, Larissa joined Tinder and met Eric Nichols, who was a total upgrade.

The two hit it off right away. Larissa’s followers saw Eric (partially) naked before they even saw his face.

But now they’ve broken up, and Eric’s idea of revenge seems to be getting all buddy-buddy with Colt and, possibly worse, with Debbie.

And it appears that Larissa’s way of clapping back not only hits both men where it hurts, but comes with plausible deniability.

Larissa hosted an Instagram Q&A for her fans and followers.

One asked a deeply personal question: "Will you only be with a guy who has a big dick?"

Believe it or not, Larissa actually answered.

"A man’s dick size is not important to me in sex," Larissa replied.

She added that it "never has been."

Colt Johnson and Eric Nichols

So, maybe Larissa was just answering a question honestly.

After all, she didn’t say that she has never been with a man with a large penis, or that she only dates men who are average in dong size.

But when a public figure talks about what she prefers in a man, isn’t it natural for fans to think of her famous exes?

She dated Erickee for seven months without the trappings of marriage, spousal visa status, or the same reality gigs that she had with Colt.

You’d think that he was doing something right. But for Larissa, that doesn’t mean that he’s packing heat.

Colt Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Eric Nichols

We are painfully reminded in this moment of a viral photo that we had the misfortune of seeing in late 2018.

The image appeared to show Colt Johnson wearing a red shirt and no pants or underwear.

Suffice it to say that the photo was unflattering, though of course a flaccid photo does not provide any actual information about penis size.

It’s a shame that the photo was leaked. We do not know who snapped it or when, let alone who released it. It may even have been an older pic.

No matter what you think of Colt, a person should be able to eschew pants in their own home in peace. Pants are leg-prisons.

On that note, we would like to never again discuss Colt Johnson’s Johnson. Please do not make us.

Larissa Lima shows off Eric Foster in a speedo on IG

If Larissa does want to lash out at both exes, she has to choose indirect routes — her divorce agreement with Colt bars either party from direct insults.

But honestly? Larissa was probably just honestly answering the question.

People who prefer large penises may be speaking in terms of aesthetic preferences, or like the concept, or their anatomy may make them lean in that direction.

(Remember, vaginas can vary a great deal, and there are lots of ways to orgasm. Different strokes for different folks, so to speak)

In fact, some studies say that your average woman tends to prefer partners with average penises because they’re more comfortable.

For others, be they thrill seekers or those who thrive on cervical orgasms or who just want bragging rights to their friends, only megadongs will do.

Whatever floats your boat, folks!