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There are many weird corners of the internet in which regular folks rally around public figures with the same fierce loyalty that sports fans demonstrate for their favorite football teams.

There’s nothing wrong with this fervent devotion, per se, but when it leads to viewing famous people as inhuman competing factions in some never-ending popularity contest, well … that’s when problems arise.

Markle and Middleton
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Take, for example, the oft-dissected feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Now, Kate and Meghan are both successful women who appear to have as many differences as they do similarities, so it was always just a matter of time before the tabloid media pitted them against one another.

But in this case, the gossip hounds didn’t have to work very hard, as it seems there really is some bad blood between the duchesses.

At one point, the situation got so bad that Kensington Palace issued a statement about the feud.

Shortly thereafter, however, things seemed to gradually cool down.

As is usually the case with this sort of thing, there are conflicting accounts about how this came to be.

Some say Prince Charles brokered a peace deal.

Others claim their relationship benefited from Meghan’s decision to cut ties with the Sussexes by moving out of Kensington Palace and dividing their formerly co-run charitable organization into two separate entities.

Middleton and Markle
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Whatever the case, the duchesses have learned to peacefully co-exist — which is great news for everyone except those weirdos who live for royal discord.

And that’s how we found ourselves in our current situation, with Kate diehards launching weird, racist smear campaigns against Meghan.

It all started with the bizarre claim that Meghan somehow "owes" Kate for her success.

The idea that Kate invented the idea of royalty and Meghan should be groveling at her feet gave raise for a number of despicably bigoted memes:

This one is actually an ironic refutation of those memes, but the fact that something like this was necessary should give you an idea of how rampant the "savior Kate" mentality has become.

And it seems the current anti-Meg campaign is a two-pronged offensive, as Kate loyalists have also been spreading a rumor that Meghan plans to relaunch her defunct lifestyle site The Tig.

Obviously, such a commercial endeavor of that nature would be considered beneath Meghan’s current station, and there’s no way it’s actually happening.

The professional haters responsible for the rumor seem to have been inspired by the fact that Meghan recently renewed her trademark on the Tig name.

Megs and Kates
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But that doesn’t mean she’ll be publishing new content.

“The lasting trademark is to prevent false branding, to avoid others purporting to be the Duchess or affiliated with her,” says a legal expert familiar with the situation.

So there you have it Meghan won’t be breaching royal protocol by returning to her career as a content creator.

That should be enough to placate the Kate obsessives, right?

Jk. These maniacs won’t be satisfied until Kate and Meghan step into the MMA ring live on pay-per-view.