Bachelor in Paradise Recap: A Fan Favorite Just Quit!

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Bachelor in Paradise?

More like One Less Bachelor in Paradise After One of the Show's Most Popular Suitors Stunned Fans by Walking Away Last Night.

This revamped version of the ABC program's title sums up the shocking turn of events that we just witnessed.

Derek Peth

Just a few days ago, John Paul Jones and Derek Peth squared off at Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone’s televised wedding, with The Betchlor podcast host recounting the conversation to Haley Ferguson on Monday night’s episode.

It all came as a surprise to Haley -- who had gone on a date with Jones after arriving in Paradise and then accepted his rose -- that he had strong feelings Tayshia.

I did not know that at all,” Haley told Derek, adding in an on-camera interview:

“It’s so random this Tayshia thing… I don’t know anything about the fact that he was into Tayshia. I’m honestly pissed."

Haley therefore figured she would confront Jones after hearing secondhand about his relationship with Tayshia. She wanted verification.

derek  vs. jpj

We did hit it off. We had so much fun on the date,” Jones told her. “I just can’t really do anything, I just hit it off with Tayshia first."

Haley replied with how she "felt really hurt," as Jones eventually told Haley to "explore" her "options."

“I never wanted to be a backup plan,” she responded in very understandable fashion.

From there, JPJ’s night only grew worse when Derek asked him to speak again in the hopes that he could “seek some understanding as to where all this started.”

However, Jones continued to insist that Derek wasn’t the “right guy for Tayshia.”

“You don’t get to decide that,” Peth shot back. “She gets to decide that, not you."

“She already decided that,” Jones retorted.

woman on beach

Tayshia watched this all go down and was anything but pleased about it.

“This is so unnecessary,” she said. “It’s exhausting and it’s very frustrating for me. I’ve been contemplating breaking it off with both of them because I’m done and I’m over it."

Haley could relate.

She also felt exasperated with the show and the set-up and ready to give up on love altogether.

Thankfully, the next day brought a pair  of new arrivals: Matt Donald and Luke Stone from Hannah Brown‘s very recent  season of The Bachelorette.

However, both Matt and Luke ended up taking out Sydney Lotuaco and Kristina Schulman, respectively. 

With this double date underway, Tayshia went and talked to  Jones once more.

“I woke up this morning still feeling emotional and I could tell that you felt sort of distant this morning and so I just wanted you to know where I’m at, just how seriously I take this endeavor,” he said.

“I just wanted to let you know that so you know where I stand and I just admire everything about you.”

Tayshia appreciated the sentiment -- but it didn't change her thinking.

“You guys fighting yesterday just really rubbed me the wrong way,” she said.

Jones continued to break down, while Tayshia said in an on-camera chat that she still felt “torn” between the two men.

That is, until she made another decision and broke things off with Derek.

Tayshia Adams Image

She explained that the timing was simply off and it had nothing to do with Jones, but Derek felt “self-loathing” and “sadness,” he said, believing there was no one else for him in Mexico besides Tayshia.

“I just want to find somebody,” he told viewers. “Like, how many years do I have to wait for that to happen?”

This was no act, either. Derek promptly called everyone together and dropped his bombshell:

This is really hard to talk to a group of people who I’ve really grown so close to.

I thank all of you guys for the friendships that I’ve built here, but unfortunately this time for me that’s all I’ve been able to build. I’m actually going to head out now.

I love so many of you in so many ways. Thank you all.

couple walk

And with that.... Derek was gone.

"I hate that I had so much power over his feelings,” Tayshia said in response to the development.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes tried to comfort Tayshia by saying, “Better to go home now than to break off an engagement twice,” referring to Derek’s split from Taylor Nolan in 2018.

Jones, for his part, handed Tayshia some tissues and merely said "sorry."

“Maybe Derek and I could’ve hit it off. I don’t know,” she said to wrap up the emotional episode. “I’m confused and I have no idea what I’m going to do next.”

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