Amy Roloff Shares New Wedding Pics, Proves Major Point

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Amy Roloff 1, Internet Trolls 0.

The Little People, Big World star has taken to Instagram in order to share a new set of photos from her son's recent wedding -- and she may have done so with harmless intentions.

But she may also have done so as a subtle clapback against some critics.

Amy at the Wedding

Jacob, as a reminder, got married to Isabel Rock on Saturday, September 7.

The two exchanged vows on a beach in Oregon and then celebrated the occasion with a reception at Roloff Farms.

Who was on hand for this party? Everyone you might expect, from Jacob's parents to all his siblings to his father's very serious girlfriend,  Caryn Chandler.

HOWEVER, upon perusing all the photos released online by various family members, some observers were left with a pressing question:

Where was Chris Marek?

Amy didn't include her significant other in any picture or reference him in any caption and it prompted concern from a handful of her followers.

Thankfully, though, she has silence those concerns with these brand new (and beautiful!) snapshots.

A Lovely Twosome

"Just a few more photos from the celebrating the love of Jacob and Isabel from their wedding," wrote the reality star as a caption to the above and below images.

She added:

"I’m so blessed. It was a beautiful wonderful day a beginning of a life long journey together."

As you can see, Amy never addresses the so-called controversey over Marek's alleged absence, and it's possible she was never even aware it existed.

But it's also possible she figured she'd shut these doubters up with basic photographic evidence of Marek's inclusion in the celebration and leave it at that.

Rock and Roloff Time

Chris and Amy have been together for years and have often had to respond to engagement questions surrounding their relationship.

It doesn't sound as if they'll be walking down the aisle any time soon, with Amy still reeling a bit from her divorce to Matt Roloff after almost 27 years of marriage.

She's obviously over it, of course, but simply isn't anxious to be a wife once again.

What's the rush, right? If she and Chris are happy as they are?

Hug for the Groom

Jacob and Isabel, for their part, are also quite happy. That much is evident.

He's normally pretty camera or media shy, but he has posted the following now on Instagram:

The past 4 days have been completely filled with love and family... September 5th on the cliffs of Neakahnie I married my love, @isabelsofiarock...

The 6th we soaked it in on the coast and headed back to the farm to get ready for our reception on the 7th. Just perfect...

I could write a long post I’m sure, but I just love so much this lady of mine, my WIFE, and this video will say a lot by itself. I’m still treasuring the freshness of it all.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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