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As we reported a week ago, Jon Gosselin hit the beach for a sweet family vacation with his girlfriend and with his children, Hannah and Collin.

Well, they’re still enjoying their time at the beach as a family.

And speaking of family, it looks like Jon is cozying up to the man who may one day be his father-in-law.

Jon Gosselin, Collin Gosselin, Colleen Conrad, and Colleen's Dad

Jon Gosselin shared this wholesome photo of him, girlfriend Colleen Conrad, son Collin Gosselin, and Colleen’s dad.

"Back at the Beach!!!" Jon wrote happily in the captions on Instagram.

He shared some specifics: "Atlantic City for dinner with Colleen’s Dad."

"We call him “Dude,’" Jon revealed.

Nicknames can be fascinating things, but of course, many fans were immediately curious about the conspicuously missing face.

"Hannah is still at the the beach with her friends," Jon shared.

This is a good time to remember that Hannah is 15. Playing at the beach with friends is a very age-appropriate activity.

"And of course," Jon’s caption continued. "Collin wouldn’t miss a meal!!!"

Speaking of the sextuplets being 15, Collin is 15 years old. To be 15 is to be ravenous at all times.

Jon went on to share that they were dining at "our favorite place Back Bay Ale House!!!"

Whether that was an arranged endorsement or just an earnest shoutout is anyone’s guess.

Photo via Instagram

"I Love Colleen, I love my kids," Jon affirmed affectionately.

"And I Love my life, my family, and my friends," he added.

"Things are good!!!" Jon gushed.

"I really can’t complain," he admitted. "I’m truly blessed!!!"

It’s it a beautiful thing to watch someone turn their entire life around for themselves and for at least part of their family?

Photo via Instagram

Jon and Colleen have enjoyed a summer of romantic fun.

But though they may be acting like a couple newly in love, they have been dating for several years.

Giddiness aside, this is a serious relationship that includes a blended family of two of Jon’s children.

It’s always possible that wedding bells could be on the horizon for these two.

If so, it’s great that Jon is taking the time to bond with Colleen’s family — in this case, with "Dude."

Collin Gosselin

Colleen has spent a lot of time with Collin and Hannah, welcoming Jon’s children into her home.

By all accounts, Colleen is a kind and loving person.

We can only imagine the sort of shock that the two young teens must have felt after years under Kate Gosselin’s tyrannical rule.

Kindness, joy, fun, and respect can be a wonderful and nurturing environment for teens.

We are so grateful — as we’re sure that Jon is — that he found a partner who is happy to help create a loving home.

Photo via Instagram

Even without his kids, Jon is clearly grateful to have found such a loving partner who loves him back.

Not everyone finds love again after escaping from a toxic marriage.

And, let’s be completely honest here — Jon Gosselin has had his issues over the years. Not everyone saw him as a prize.

But Colleen accepted him, baggage and all. It’s been amazing to watch this romance blossom.

Jon can do, and has done, much worse.