Bethenny Frankel Honors Dennis Shields, Pays Tribute to Late Ex

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Bethenny Frankel wishes she did not need to take to Instagram yesterday.

She wishes things were different.

She really wishes August 10 would not be a date forever seared into her mind, for the most terrible and tragic of reasons.

Bethenny Frankel on Beach

But this is reality for the veteran Bravo star and reality is that Bethenny's ex-boyfriend, Dennis Shields, died one year ago yesterday.

In his memory and in his honor, Frankel penned a heartwarming tribute to Shield online several hours ago.

"One year ago today, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day with @biggysmallz by the pool, and my world crumbled and turned upside down in an instant," the Real Housewife wrote to open a caption that accompanied the photo below.

It continued:

"A man Dennis, who I loved and respected, who was in my life for 30 years unexpectedly passed away."


Shields was found dead in his Trump Tower apartment last August.

He was only 51 years old at the time and he had been in and out of Bethenny's life for years; the two may not have been dating when Dennis actually died, but they remained very close.

According to The New York Post, Shields passed away due to a prescription pills overdose.

Referencing her two well-known dogs, Frankel continued in her tribute on Saturday:

Dennis insisted we adopt biggy AND smallz for my daughter Peanut. He simply couldn’t imagine separating them.

We racked our brains staying up late coming up with the perfect name for two dogs from the same litter with very different body types.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 was an option but Peanut found it degrading. Lenny & Squiggy was a good one but I knew it would only appeal to the over 40 set. Then at 5am, Dennis was waiting for me to wake up and in his stronger than Tequila New Yawk accent said “BIGGY AND SMALLZ” and two stars were born.

He loved these dogs and the feelings were mutual. They were particularly fond of his salty bald head.

Bethenny Frankel Strikes a Pose

According to TMZ last summer, Shields told paramedics and police in his final moments that he had taken his prescribed oxycodone and Vicodin, along with a sleeping pill.

He was simply trying to address persistent pain in his back.

Alas, the combination of these drugs proved fatal in the end.

Added Frankel 365 days later:

"At times, it seemed like he and [the dogs] spoke the same language and they were the only ones who understood him. He was a loving, sweet, gentle, brilliant, complicated, hilarious, creative and supportive man.

"He is missed terribly by so many but lives on in his friends and family and furry loved ones."

Bethenny Frankel 2018 Selfie

Concluded Bethenny:

"I am a different person and in a different emotional place than I was a year ago, and the wounds have begun to heal but the scar will remain on my heart forever."

In closing, Frankel simply wrote:

RIP, August 10. #Unforgettable

May Dennis Shields rest in peace.

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