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If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Troubled eldest son Matt Brown just reconciled his way back onto Alaskan Bush People, but now another family conflict could rock their world.

Bam Bam has had it up to here with how his family treats his girlfriend. At this point, there’s only one thing keeping him around. …

The Hollywood Gossip

RadarOnline reports that 34-year-old Bam Bam Brown is "completely fed up" with his family’s weird double standards.

Specifically, his girlfriend Allison Kagan seems to get nothing but the cold shoulder from his parents, and he’s had enough.

Recent happy relationship news from his brothers has made it impossible for him to ignore how much his parents like everyone else’s girlfriends.

"They do not show Bam’s woman Allison the same level of respect," the insider explains.

"And it really just sets him off," the source explains.

The insider adds that he’s so angry "because they’ve known her longer than any of his brother’s new fame-hungry girls."

Joshua Brown

It’s no huge mystery why Billy and others don’t care for Allie as much as as they do for Rhain or Raquell or Raiven.

Unlike those women, Allison used to work on Alaskan Bush People.

It looks like his loved ones didn’t enjoy seeing her make the switch from professional to romantic with Bam Bam.

Even so, he and Allison headed off and bought a boat, working hard to totally fix it up.

An insider at the time made it clear that the couple "had no desire to return to TV, and they didn’t need to."

Bam Bam Brown Picture

So what has the two of them spending time in Washington?

Money, of course! What else would it be?

"They both know what they are doing," the source points out. "Because they are smart people."

"They are getting paid handsomely," the insider notes.

"And they know how to run the show like a machine," the source observes. "Because they understand both sides of it."

The Hollywood Gossip

If any Alaskan Bush People fans are hoping that Bam Bam and Allison will settle down on the 435-acre property Billy bought, think again.

They’re there for the cash from the show, and Bam Bam doesn’t want to expose Allie to rudeness unless they’re being paid for their trouble.

For now, sure, they’ll play ball when the show is filming.

"But,” cautions the insider, “once the program is done, which will happen eventually, they are out of there."

Sad to think of Alaskan Bush People coming to an end, but even the best shows eventually run their course.

Bam Bam Brown

Honestly, this sounds like a smart, sensible move on Bam Bam’s part.

Alaskan Bush People has made his family into millionaires.

Bam Bam absolutely deserves a piece of the action — because fans and viewers want to see him, too.

While it won’t be easy if Allison continues to get snubbed, being able to swallow your pride for a while is worth it for a hefty paycheck.

In the mean time, maybe Billy’s attitude will have softened after Rhain, Raquell, and Raiven.