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Tori Roloff has good taste in women.

We’re not trying to be crass or inappropriate or anything of that nature here.

The Little People, Big World star simply jumped on Instagram late last week and sort of revealed the celebrity on whom she has a total crush.

A Lovely Day to Relax

And we could not agree with Tori’s take any more.

Because, seriously, who out there does NOT think Kristen Bell is totally and completely amazing?!?

The actress has been in the news often of late because she is starring in the Hulu revival of Veronica Mars.

(She also helps anchor the funniest show on network television, NBC’s The Good Place.)

But Tori didn’t gush publicly over Bell due to her portrayal of Mars or the way she banters with Ted Danson on The Good Place.

Instead, Roloff gave Bell all the props for simply being a terrific mother (which, let’s face it, is the most important role anyone can ever play).

As a caption to a video of her kids being asked how old they she is, Bell wrote the following on social media a couple days ago:

“My kids are kind. I don’t care if they can’t do math. (For my #armcherries: #fastmath is overrated.)”

Replied Tori to this take:

“I love following you. I love how you love others and your family and you deal with life with humor. Thank you for being such a light in this world.”

Allow us to chime in here real quickly with an AMEN.

Kristen Bell at the Globes

We’ve  long admired Bell for being so candid about her life, her relationship and motherhood in general.

She also once wrote this pretty awesome Donald Trump-relate Tweet.

And if you’ve never seen the following video of Bell bawling her eyes out over meeting a sloth, well, stop everything you are doing right now and watch.

Just trust us…

Kristen Bell LOVES Sloths!

Tori, who recently surprassed a million Instagram followers, has become known and widely respected for the way in which she interacts with other stars.

She always comes across as especially sympathetic and relatable.

In a recent/unfortunate instance, for example, Tori acknowledgde that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth had suffered a miscarriage after five months of pregnancy, writing to her fellow reality stars:

“Austin and Joy my heart just absolutely breaks for you two. I am so sorry. You are in my prayers. How blessed she is that she gets to be with Jesus and she gets to call you two mom and dad.”

So sad.

But so sweet of Roloff, who has also been sharing a number of baby bump photos online.

Tori Roloff Baby Bump #2

"One. Million. Followers," Roloff wrote as a message last month after reaching the aforementioned number, adding at the time:

"What in the world? You guys. This is honestly such an honor. It has been such a fun ride sharing just a little part of my life with all of you. The love and support I have felt from you guys on my journey has been overwhelming and wonderful."

She concluded:

My goal here is to continue to make people laugh and show everyone I’m just a normal girl who got thrown into extraordinary circumstances and you better believe I’m not going to waste a damn moment.

I feel like social media can sometimes be a scary place but I’ve tried to keep mine uplifting and fun and I hope you guys feel that. Thanks for joining me on this ride and being a part of my story.

Even though- lets be real- y’all are here for Jackson.

This is why we love Tori Roloff.