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The most recent season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been heavy on the Lisa Vanderpump shade, but light on the lawsuits. 

Tuesday’s second part of the reunion shed light the things that never made it to the show during the season, and it was wild from start to finish. 

Kyle Richards Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion
Photo via Bravo

A fan questioned why the ladies were happy enough to drag LVP and everything she did, yet they were not keeping fans up to speed about their financial situations. 

"Erika’s happy to talk about Lisa Vanderpump all day, but when it comes to Tom [Girardi] defaulting on a $15 million loan, she doesn’t say a word," Andy read from a card. 

"How ’bout this," Erika shot back. "Resolved, and they apologized."

Andy then tried a similar tactic with Kyle when another fan had a question. 

"Amy from Texas said, ‘I guess Kyle isn’t gonna mention Mauricio [Umansky] scamming someone out of $37 million when she can just talk about Dorit’s dog.’"

Kyle was livid. 

"My husband did not scam anyone," she yelled.

"That causes problems because my husband’s never made $36 million on a deal in his life!"

"That’s what a property sold for, okay? So your question from whoever the f–k Monty is in McGootville saying my husband’s scamming people out of $36 million…"

Andy was shook, and checked the card again, before saying "Amy from Texas."

"Okay, Amy from Texas!" Kyle shouted. "That’s a misleading question."

Kyle Richards Is Not Impressed
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Andy then tried to backtrack by rephrasing the questions. 

"There’s a lawsuit relating to a dispute about a property."

"And that’s it — a dispute!" Erika said, while Kyle said to Andy, "Yeah, but the way it was worded is damaging, and I don’t appreciate that."

Andy then checked in with Dorit, and said that she also had lawsuits. 

"He wants a certain amount of money, and no, I can’t get into numbers because it’s an ongoing lawsuit," she replied.

"Andy, the judge has ordered mediation," Dorit explained.

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"The judge looked at it and said, ‘Listen, you guys figure this out.’ I am very comfortable in our position. It is in the lawyers’ hands. It doesn’t need to have a discussion because there’s a lot of details about it that I can’t really speak about."

To make things fair, Andy chatted about LVP and a lawsuit against Vanderpump Dogs for wrongful termination. 

He wanted to know if the ladies thought Lisa would chat about it. 

"I doubt it, but I would not have brought it up," Kyle said.

"I don’t want to hurt her business or hurt her. As a group of friends, we don’t say, ‘Hey, Erika, so what is going on with that thing?’"

Andy Cohen on TV
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"You don’t? I would. If my friend was being sued…" Andy explained, before Kyle cut him off. "Well you would ’cause look what you do for a living."

Elsewhere, Lisa Rinna opened up about her daughter going public with her eating disorder on Instagram. 

She admitted that she had no idea Amelia was telling the world about her struggles. 

"It’d probably been going on for longer than we know, but when you physically see it, it’s undeniable," she said. "You can’t ignore it."

"When we had that barbecue, I think that that was a really pivotal point," Rinna added.

Photo via Bravo

Andy then asked about how Harry should have reacted, prompting Rinna to reply, "Well, from what the therapist told him when he went to see the therapist, she said, ‘You have to shut the f–k up.’ And those were the exact words that she said to him."

"Amelia’s gone through a lot in her anorexia," Rinna explained.

"She’s quite healthy right now. Right in this moment. And recently, people have said, ‘Well, you don’t look anorexic. You’re not that thin.’ Which is a really big trigger. It’s f–king difficult."

Things took a turn when Andy essentially asked if Rinna being conscious about her eating habits and weight could have contributed to Ameilia’s issues. 

Lisa Rinna for Season 9
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"Probably, yeah," Rinna confessed. "Do I have any food issues? I probably do ’cause I’m in this business."

Meanwhile, the ladies opened up about the way Camille acted throughout the season. 

"Here’s what happens," Kyle said to Camille.

"When we’re together, you will say things like, ‘I know who Lisa is, she’s done this to me, she’s done that.’ And when you’re not with us, you’re like, ‘Lisa, I feel so bad with what you’re going through.’"

"Can I feel both? I can feel both," Camille wondered, prompting Dorit to point out, "Not if they contradict one another."

Kyle Richards Cries
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"You’ve got to have conviction," Kyle continued. "Okay, my conviction is I felt terrible that her brother passed away," Camille said. 

"What human wouldn’t?!" Kyle fired back.

Teddi Mellencamp subsequently chimed in. 

"But you can still say she has terrible breath and her gums are receding?!"

"That was a joke, and you all laughed! And you all laughed!" Camille yelled as she looked at Kyle. 

"And you continued with the conversation and said, ‘Yes, don’t get me into it, but she’s always had bad breath.’"

"Yes, you have! That is bullshit! You’ve talked about that off camera with me!," Camille continued. 

Camille Grammer Grins
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"Camille, that’s such a f–king low blow," Kyle screamed across the couch.

"We’ve all said things privately about each other. I would never out you! If I did right now, it would be a very bad situation. I don’t do that!"

The back and forth continued for dear life. 

How did you feel about all of this?

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