Kate Gosselin Says Goodbye to Two More Kids, Still Has Too Many

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Kate Gosselin's eldest daughters Mady and Cara sure grew up fast!

The twins, who seem to be closer to their mom than their six siblings, recently celebrated their high school graduation.

Now Kate and the twins are bursting with excitement for the next chapter of their lives.

Graduation Time!

This fall, the twins will finally separate as they each fly the nest and head to different colleges.

"They're both so excited," Kate said of the twins while speaking with People magazine.

She explained, "They agreed all along that they don't want to go to the same school because their ambitions are so different."

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror

Don't worry, the family won't actually be all that far apart. 

Both the girls will be attending college in New York, while Kate, along with their brothers and sisters, will be nearby in Pennsylvania.

Perhaps being relatively close to home will allow the girls frequent opportunities to go home and visit their mom.

"We are all going to miss them," Kate told People.

"I don't care if they only come home to see the dog," she joked, " as long as they come home!"

Kate Gosselin with Daughters Selfie

Though Kate will no doubt miss her eldest daughters, she'll have a far-from-empty nest left to tend.

Four of her children -- Joel, Leah, Alexis, and Aaden -- still live with her. 

Notably, two more of her kids, Hannah and Collin, have also left to live with their father Jon.

But that still leaves Kate with half of her horde of kids to take care of, enough to keep any mom busy.

Kate Gosselin Sux

Speaking of busy, Kate is now puzzling out how to juggle the back-to-school madness that comes with having kids at multiple schools.

"Within six days, Mady has to be dropped off, Cara has to be dropped off, and the little kids begin their first day of high school," Kate explained.

She added that "Keeping straight the deadlines and dates for two different schools is mind-blowing."

It's actually three schools, but hey, counting is hard, and we're guessing Kate is fairly used to the high school routine by now.

Kate Gosselin on Today Show

Kate also has her hands full with her own new reality series, Kate Plus Date.

The series explores Kate's re-entry into the dating pool at a time in her life when she feels her especially vulnerable.

"Pretty soon," she told Extra last month, "I am going to be alone, just me and the dogs."

"It was kind of now or never," Kate recalled.

Kate Gosselin Plus Date with Joey at a Speakeasy

Kate said she was apprehensive about dating again, especially after her very painful and public divorce from Jon.

"I didn't want my kids to have to go through that again," Kate said.

"I have to get it right," she decided, "the stakes are really high."

It's nice that she's so concerned for her kids, but according to her, the kids have been cheering her on.

Mady and Cara especially have  reportedly been pushing her to date again.

Gosselin Twins

We hope the twins have a smooth transition into college life. A break from the cameras could be good for them.

But we join many fans in hoping they'll still have time to show up on Kate Plus Date now and then.

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