Tori Roloff Reveals Plans to Quit Little People, Big World

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The entire Roloff family is psyched over Tori Roloff's pregnancy. Little Jackson is going to be a big brother!

But some fans of Little People, Big World are experiencing abandonment anxiety after Jeremy and Audrey's departure.

Tori and Zach are revealing the circumstances under which they plan to leave the beloved show.

Zach and Tori Roloff Return

As you may recall, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have a podcast, goofily named Behind The Scenes.

In a new episode, Tori sat down with her siblings-in-law to discuss when and why they might one day leave the family reality series.

"For Zach and I," Tori explains. "It's still fun for us."

Yes, getting paid reality show money is fun. Unless it's making you miserable or you're super rich, you don't want to quit.

Tori adds: "we still enjoy sharing our story with other people."

Zach Roloff, Tori Roloff, and Jackson Roloff on Easter

She explains that they would leave "the minute it becomes pressurized."

"And," Tori says, they'd quit the show if it "becomes something bigger than what it is."

"You have to really stop and think what's best for our family," she reasons.

"And right now," she notes. "It's fun for us."

When the show starts to be soul-crushing, they'll get the hell out of Dodge.

Making Their Baby Announcement

"Zachary and I are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother!" Tori and Zach recently announced.

This is huge news for the Roloff family, who can now look forward to the third grandbaby.

Fans are hyped, too. They already love Jackson and Ember so much.

"We are expecting a sweet baby girl this November," their statement revealed.

"Thank you so much," the couple expressed. "For always supporting our family and loving us!"

Tori Roloff Baby Bump #2

Tori and Zach also repeated their announcements on their respective Instagram pages.

"Yay!!" Zach gushed when the time was right.

"Tori and I are excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother to a little sister!!" he wrote.

Tori wrote: "We are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother!"

"We can not wait to meet our sweet baby girl!" she raved.

Tori Roloff Keeps Baby Jackson Roloff Safe

Recently, Tori reflected upon the real differences and challenges that come with raising a child with a disability.

She noted that Jackson, though he's only two, is already encountering obstacles -- such as being too short to ride certain rides.

Tori explained that it was easy to forget, at times, because he is capable of doing so much.

(There are huge misunderstandings in the world about disability)

Despite having a husband who is a little person, Tori is having a very different experience as the mother of a little toddler.

It has been eye-opening for her.

Tori Roloff Nuzzles Noses with Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World fans are extremely excited about seeing Tori and Zach welcome baby #2 into the world.

And given that Tori is "still having fun" and due this November, they can probably expect for a lot of that to be covered on the show.

One day, if the cameras get to be too much or the show simply ends, Tori and Zach and Jackson will take a step back from reality stardom.

But that doesn't mean that fans will lose sight of them.

As we've seen with Auj and Jer, there are many ways to keep your fans updated. One of those is social media.

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