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Well, it was Father’s Day on Sunday, which meant lots of people posted loving tributes to the dads in their lives.

We’re sure most of them were genuine, but no doubt some folks were just clumsily glossing over some seriously strained relationships in hopes of presenting a more favorable facade to their followers:

Ronnie, Jen, and Ariana
Photo via Instagram

Take Jen Harley, for example.

Despite the fact that Jen and Ronnie Magro have broken up more times than anyone can count, it looks as though little Ariana’s parents are still giving their relationship the old college try.

In case anyone still harbored doubts, Jen posted a lengthy tribute to Ron on Father’s Day that makes it quite clear these two are still a thing.

“Gym, tan, baby has been your ritual since Ariana has been born!” Harley wrote.

Ronnie & Ariana
Photo via Instagram

“You have been an amazing father since day 1, you have always shared the load of getting up at night ,changing diapers, bath time together, sick days, comforting her when she’s just not having a good day,” she continued.

“We couldn’t ask for a better dad dad dad than you! Thank you for being the best father to our daughter we love you.”

Jen never comes right out and says, "Yep, we’re still dating!" but she doesn’t strike us as the type who would be singing her baby daddy’s praises if they were no longer together.

She’s more the type that would drag Ronnie with her car if they were no longer together.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: I Never Cheated on Jen Harley!! I LOVE HER SO HARD!!

We suppose their hearts are in the right place, but it often seems as though Jen and Ronnie are continuing to work on their relationship solely for Ariana’s sake.

But a kid is no reason to stay with someone you’re not in love with.

And since Jen has demonstrated violent tendencies and Ronnie’s rage problems are well documented we’re officially in favor of these two calling it quits.

Mind you, none of this is to say that people can’t change.

Jen with Ronnie

They can, they do all the time, and Ronnie certainly seems to have taken major strides toward becoming a better man.

Magro checked into rehab back in January after years of struggling with depression and substance abuse.

So it seems he’s headed in the right direction.

Unfortunately, Jen may not be the one to help him get where he wants to go.