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Earlier today, we reported on Kailyn Lowry’s confession that she’s not great at relationships.

But it seems her perceived shortcomings are not stopping the Teen Mom 2 star from diving back into the dating pool.

Kailyn to the Lowry
Photo via Instagram

As you may recall, Kail recently traveled to Costa Rica with her longtime friend and co-star Leah Messer.

The besties documented the trip extensively on social media — but it seems there was one key detail they left out.

Some eagle-eyed TM2 fans have examined Kail’s vacay pics, and it seems they’ve detected the presence of a third party.

And it’s possible that Kail didn’t want the world to know she had additional company on her island jaunt:

Kail and Malik

"So looks like @KailLowry and Leah’s little Costa Rica trip was not just a sh-tty mom’s vacation, but was also Karl’s chance to get away from her kids and thot/hoe around with her new boo thang," wrote Twitter user @VaccinateLux.

The same user even managed to hunt down the Twitter account of Kail’s mystery dude:

"@malikakathegoat I wonder what he thinks about her now saying Chris is her man," she added.

Yes, the last we heard, Kail was still with Chris Lopez.

Kail and Malik 3

And we’re guessing Chris wouldn’t be too thrilled with exchanges like the one captured above.

But then again, it doesn’t appear as though Kailyn is going to any great lengths to hide her alleged romance.

Lowry has been off and on with Lopez for much of the past two years, so the fact she was with him last time she spoke publicly on the matter does not mean that she’s still dating him now.

After all, Kail does have a reputation as one of the smartest members of the Teen Mom franchise.

Kailyn with Chris
Photo via Instagram

We doubt she would put herself on blast on Twitter like that if she were trying to hide her new romance from Chris.

Maybe this new thing isn’t that serious, and she hasn’t yet felt the need to announce that she’s in a relationship.

Or maybe she’s just using this new guy to make Chris jealous.

Or maaaaaybe — and we know this sounds crazy — she feels that despite her status as a reality star, she’s entitled to some occasional privacy!

What a thought!