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Audrey Roloff tries very hard to be a devout Christian.

She has used many social media posts over the years to gush over Jesus Christ, outlining at times all the lessons she has learned from God.

But critics on Instagram are now accusing the ex-Little People, Big World star of going against the teachings of this Higher Power in order to promote the "literal" work of a demon.

Confused? Allow us to try and explain…

Auds and Jeremy by the Fire

On Wednesday, Audrey shared the above photo of herself and husband Jeremy Roloff.

She wrote a lengthy caption along with it, beginning her message with a question that reads: Who else is mildly obssesed with the Enneagram?

The author and podcast host continued:

"Jeremy and I are on a never ending pursuit of being more fully known and understood – being students of each other. We always believe there is more to learn and discover about each other and that excites us."

This is a theme Audrey has emphasized many times in the past.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on Easter

In this case, however, it was the way in which Audrey claimed she and her husband get to know each other that has left some followers concerned.

Like, VERY concerned.

"On this journey of learning and understanding each other more, there have been two things that have radically transformed our relationship," explained Roloff.

"1)The Enneagram 2) The Marriage Journal The Enneagram and our Marriage Journal have helped us understand each other in more profound and meaningful ways, and helped us communicate our thoughts, desires, and frustrations with greater clarity, compassion, and ease.

"These tools have ultimately enabled us to love each other more intentionally, creatively, and faithfully."

Audrey and Jeremy R

Okay, so:

The Enneagram is sort of like a more in-depth Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that includes nine different personality types.

Audrey writes here that she is "an Enneagram 8 -The Challenger" and Jeremy is “an Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker;" together, the couple is akin “fire and ice," she says, thereby creating the perfect combination of intensity and softness.

But that isn’t the point right now.

The point is that some folks out there are pointing out that the Enneagram is the world of the Devil.

Yes, that Devil.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Ember

"The enneagram has deep and dark roots in the occult…it was literally hand delivered by a demon to a man heavily involved in channeling,” one person remarked in response to Roloff’s caption, taking Audrey to task as follows:

“This is not something Christians should at all be involved with and yet it’s taken storm.

"Be careful what you let in, we’re told to TEST every spirit to see if it’s from God.”

That can be a difficult thing to do, but one must wonder here if Audrey even tried.

She’s been accused in the past of actually exploiting her religion for profit, considering she’ll talk about her faith at length and then ask followers to purchase something.

Look at Our Book!

And that’s true here, too.

Audrey concludes her post about the Enneagram by promoting her podcast and saying she’ll soon be talking to an expert on he matter.

But should she really be doing this as a Christian?

"Be very cautious on the enneagram following, is it from God? Research it fully would be my recommendation,” another follower added, while yet another pointed out these same issues to Audrey.

This critic is afraid that the Enneagram may cause Roloff to connect with the “wrong spirits."

Sounds like something she really ought to think long and hard about.

Don’t you agree?