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As you’ve likely heard by now, Kensington Palace is embroiled in a scandal so severe it makes the uproar over Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle look like high tea with the Queen.

It all started with reports that Kate Middleton is feuding with Rose Hanbury, a member of the British nobility and one of her closest friends.

Kate and William Laugh

William’s attempts to bury the story — which led him to have his lawyers send sternly-worded letters to several UK media outlets — caused royal watchers all over the world to take a closer look at the rivalry.

And what they found astonished millions.

There’s considerable evidence to suggest that William had an affair with Rose while Kate was pregnant with her third child.

Kate Middleton Glares at William

The royal couple has managed to keep a low profile and avoid commenting on the rumors publicly.

But not surprisingly, the situation is reportedly taking a toll on their marriage.

This ordeal is different from most royal scandals in that the UK media has largely been scared away from covering it.

As a result, insiders are turning to foreign outlets like Australia’s New Idea tabloid in order to say their piece.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Together

One source tells the lesser-known outlet that Will and Kate’s social life has crumbled in the wake of the scandal.

“They were all friends in the ‘Turnip Toffs’ set of wealthy farmers living near Sandringham — but now, overnight, William has lost some of his best pals,” the source said.

“Their children even played together so it’s very sad."

And it’s not just the cornily-named Turnip Toffs of rural Norfolk who have turned their backs on the Cambridges in recent weeks.

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The feud between William and Harry is reportedly a result of Will’s affair — and it seems the future king has been losing friends as the scandal heats up.

“All of a sudden he’s lost a lot of his support network," says the tipster.

"William is feeling a bit sorry for himself at the moment and it’s all getting a bit on top of him. He is under a lot of stress and you can see it is affecting him.

The insider adds that Will has been coping with the added stress in his life by hitting the bottle.

William and His Duchess

"He has always liked a drink but we’ve noticed he’s been putting it away a bit," the informant claims.

Of course, the main source of stress for Will is not the loss of his social network, but the toll the scandal has taken on his marriage.

Insiders say Will and Kate are "living separate lives" and doing their best to keep up appearances.

“There is no doubt there are a lot of things going on in [Will’s] life at once and he has the added pressure of being under the spotlight,” explains the insider.

Kate Middleton and Her Prince

“He’s a very strong character but it’s true to say some of his mates are concerned for him," the source adds.

“All the whispers about their relationship being on the rocks and spending time apart and living separate lives has really taken a toll on them – Kate especially – and they just want the rumors to stop.”

Unfortunately for Will and Kate, it seems the speculation regarding Will’s affair is just getting started.