Grey's Anatomy Recap: Did Amelia Make Amends With Her Mother?

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Thursday's Grey's Anatomy was a nice change of pace. 

The action moved to New York with Amelia and Link as they made their way to the Big Apple with the aim of saving the life of a patient. 

Once there, Amelia ran into her sister Nancy, who stepped in for the chief of OB, meaning the two sisters had to work together. 

Amelia is Mad on Grey's Anatomy

It was a strange twist of fate, and Nancy seemingly had no idea that Amelia was quite the powerhouse with a scalpel. 

More alarming: Nancy just assumed that Link was Owen. 

This solidified the fact that these siblings don't spend any time checking in with each other. Amelia did not want to open up about her failed relationship with Owen. 

But Nancy urged her sister to have a family dinner with her, and the invitation was open to Link. Thankfully, Link was Team Amelia on this one. 

He was mad the family refused to support her, but Amelia wanted to prove she was the reliable one now. 

Link Defends Amelia on Grey's Anatomy

“This dinner is a chance for me to brag, prove them wrong, I’m not sure,” Amelia said.

“I’m just sure that I have to go, and if you go with me, I’ll make it worth your while in very creative ways that you will enjoy.”

Amelia's other sister, Kathleen, showed up for the meal, and that's when things got wild. Kathleen didn't believe Amelia had changed, so she waited until Amelia was out of the room, and quizzed him. 

Link managed to dodge the questions, but the drama kicked into high gear when Amelia's mother showed up, and she knew Link was not Owen. 

Amelia's mood changed because she looked like a total liar, and she decided to come clean about the state of her relationship with Owen. 

The Shepherds on Grey's Anatomy

The family revealed they had a bet on about how quickly the union would end, causing Amelia to wonder why she bothered. 

On top of that, they made jokes about her having a brain tumor. It was as awful as you would expect. 

“You don’t know me. You have not seen me in years. I am trapped in your mind and on your stairs at 14 years old,” Amelia shouted, adding:

“I am sober, I am responsible, and I am a neurosurgeon at the top of my field.”

Link realized he had to say something to defend his new girlfriend, and he was pretty awesome. 

Amelia and Link Get Closer

“I’m new to all of this, and I haven’t known Amelia that long but I wanted us to stay for dinner tonight so you can get to know the woman I’m getting to know,” the self-proclaimed "ortho god," said. 

“She is a brilliant surgeon. The kind you fly across the country when you need the best.”

Amelia and Link then left the dinner party, clearly upset at the way things played out. 

When they returned to the hospital, their patient was flatlining, so they pressed on with risky surgery. 

Link did not want to do it, but Amelia was adamant; It could save their patient's life, and it did. 

15 Seasons of Feels

Amelia's mom then showed up at the hospital, and the pair got chatting about their lives. That's when Mrs. Shepherd revealed that she always knew Amelia was stronger than everyone gave her credit for. 

She finally gave her daughter the apology she should have several years before. 

"If you don’t think you’re worthy of love if you don’t think your love is valuable, you’re wrong. That’s on me,” she said.

What did you think of this explosive episode?

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Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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