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Amanda Stanton rose to fame as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise.

Which is ironic right about now.

Because the reality star admits she’s living in Hell these days.

Amanda Stanton and Bobby Jacobs
Photo via Instagram

Perhaps we’re being a tad dramatic, but Stanton has opened up for the first time since Bobby Jacobs ended their relationship and it’s very clear she didn’t see this split coming.

“First of all, I want to let y’all know I am totally fine,” the 29-year old reality star says in her Instagram Story, adding late yesterday:

“I wanted to confirm – just because it’s already been confirmed – but I wanted you guys to hear it from me that yes, Bobby and I broke up.”

Indeed, Jacobs himself confirmed the news before Stanton could do so, stunning fans by acknowledging that he and Stanton are no longer living together. And are no longer even a couple.

“There was no cheating,” he told followers on Friday, April 5.

“I’d always be there for the girls and I’ve voiced that many a time. Coming from having a deadbeat Dad I’ve chosen to live my life nothing like him. They touched my heart and vice versa. No matter what I’ll always be around for them.”

Amanda Stanton and Bobby Jacobs Photo
Photo via Instagram

Jacobs, who got to know Stanton over Instagram early last year, is referring here to Amanda’s two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie.

And Stanton then went ahead and did so herself in her own social media message this week, saying:

"I want to clear the air about my kids. My kids know, no matter what, they are always my number one priority. Always. I remind them that every single day. They never feel like I’m choosing a guy over them, and that’s the silliest assumption about me that I’ve ever heard.”

Earlier this month, Stanton sadly found herself at the center of a hacking scandal, explaining that she’s being blackmailed over stolen topless photos.

But Jacobs has made it clear this had nothing to do with why he ended their relationship.

Bobby Jacobs and Amanda Stanton
Photo via Instagram

"I was completely blindsided [by the breakup] and it just happened very suddenly,” Stanton continued on her Story, continuing:

“Before I get into it, Bobby didn’t do anything wrong, so don’t go hating on him for it. Yes, I was surprised, but it’s OK.”

Stanton admitted that she truly thought she and Jacobs were going to get married and that moving in together in Laguna Beach was meant to be the next step in their romance.


“We had a great relationship, it wasn’t toxic,” she added. “It was actually the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. He was my best friend, I was super happy and that was not fake.”

Amanda Stanton and Ben Jacobs
Photo via Instagram

Stanton says that she and her girls will remain in this residence, telling her one million-plus followers that life goes on.

“I’m glad he didn’t waste any more of my time," she noted, concluding that she’s been listening "to Ariana Grande nonstop" and shooting down the possibility of a reconciliation.

“I just don’t think it works out,” she said. “That’s not something that’s going to happen, and that’s OK.”