The Walking Dead Recap: Henry Proves He's the WORST

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Who knew that starting a love story in a post-apocalyptic world with people from two very different factions would result in The Walking Dead being better than ever?

Sunday's episode picked up with Alpha grilling her daughter, Lydia for information about the Hilltop, but the teenager did not want to give up too much. 

Alpha and Lydia - The Walking Dead

Alpha couldn't help but call Lydia's responses "excuses, wasted words," and the youngster questioned whether her mother had only saved her to get intel. 

“What a stupid question,” sneered Alpha. 

Henry then popped up from the shadows, knocked a whisperer out, before being captured. The kid is the worst, but he's helping introduce us to the world of these new villains. 

Alpha told Beta to keep him alive because he could make for a good bargaining chip down the line. 

One of the Whisperers then took aim at Alpha because she broke the code by saving Lydia. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know that the villains leave people behind if they lose them. 

Henry Goes After Lydia - The Walking Dead

Alpha previously heard the man's girlfriend question her leadership, so Alpha repaid her by using wire to behead her. She then gave the man the head and stabbed him. 

Yes, the Whisperers are scary AF. 

Things took a wild turn when Alpha threw a knife on the ground in between Lydia and Henry and instructed her daughter to kill the Hilltopper. 

When she refused, she was told that Beta would kill both of them if one of them did not kill the other. 

In a truly genius twist, Daryl and Connie led a group of walkers into the camp, leading the Whisperers to make a run for it. 

Daryl Reasons with Alpha

Daryl and Connie then snatched Henry and Lydia and made their way out of the carnage. 

Back in Alexandria, Michonne learned the hard way that her people had been keeping things from her. 

The council was fractured under her rule, with Siddiq and Gabriel countering that the votes hold no weight because Michonne could undo whatever decisions she doesn't agree with. 

Aaron fought Michonne's corner because he was worried about the effect the new walker-wearing enemies could have on the community. 

Michonne did not want any of her people going to the upcoming fair as a result of everything that was going on beyond the walls. 

Michonne Reasons With Maggie

Negan heard all of the bickering and tried to use it as a way of getting close to Michonne, but the sword-wielding beauty was having none of it. 

She shut him down, told him he would be spending the rest of his time alive inside the prison, and he was okay with it.

Michonne spotted Judith through the window, clearly on her way to visit Negan. 

An argument ensued, and Judith argued that Negan was a human and not a monster. Michonne countered that Negan had killed many of her friends. 

“People don’t really change,” said Michonne, but that wasn't enough to get Judith to agree. 

Michonne Argues With Negan - The Walking Dead

“You did,” the kid said, prompting Michonne to send her to her room. 

Michonne then went to Aaron to let him know that she was allowing a vote for the fair to go ahead, but Aaron was not high on the idea. 

“I think it’s a terrible idea,” she admitted, “but the people can weigh the risks and choose. That’s the charter they agreed to.”

Okay then. 

What did you think of all the drama? 

The Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC.

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