Kate Middleton: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Baby #4?!

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Rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child have been circulating pretty much since the time the duchess gave birth to her third child.

But so far, all of them have proven to be inaccurate.

Kate Middleton Waves Hi

Whether they were based on questionable tips or simply the inventions of bored British tabloid columnists, none of the predictions have panned out yet.

But this time might be different.

This time, the "insider" reports come on the heels of Kate's public admission that she'd very much like to have another kid.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big

Yes, during a public appearance in Northern Ireland last month, Kate confessed to feeling "broody."

On this side of the pond, that word conjures images of a depressed Hot Topic aficionado, but in the UK it refers to the desire for a larger brood.

So we're a bit more inclined to believe the latest round of Kate pregnancy rumors.

Kate, William and the Kids

According to a new report from the print edition of In Touch Weekly, Kate already knew she was knocked up when she made the comment.

"Kate is about three months pregnant," an insider tells the tabloid.

The source claims that Will and Kate made the conscious decision to get pregnant, but they thought the process would take longer.

Christening Her Son

"William was hesitant about trying for another baby -- he thinks it's hard enough looking after three kids who are five years and under," says the insider.

"They just didn't expect to get pregnant so quickly!"

The source says Kate is holding off on making an announcement until after Meghan Markle welcomes her first child.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Friendly

"She's concerned that Meghan will feel like she's stealing her baby thunder," says the source.

"There's already enough competition between the two couples, and Kate doesn't want to stir the pot even more."

And it seems Kate has her heart set on bringing another little princess into the world.

"She's always wanted two boys and two girls," the insider claims.

Kate Middleton and Louis

"Kate and William are both close in age to their siblings, and they want the same family dynamics for their own brood"

"She's been hinting that she thinks it's a girl because she's suffering from similar cravings to Charlotte -- curry and pizza.

"The most important thing is that the baby is healthy," says the informant. "They're both just so excited."

And if these reports are accurate, we're sure the rest of the world will soon be joining in their excitement, too.

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