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Matt Roloff is raising a whole batch of interesting questions these days about his personal life.

And, by extension, his professional life as well.

In Arizona
Photo via Instagram

Witih Little People, Big World on an extended hiatus (come on, TLC, tell us when it’s coming back already!), Matt has been making the most of his time away from the television cameras.

As anyone who frequents the reality star’s Instagram page on a regular basis knows well, he’s spending most of this time with Caryn Chander.

Is the couple finally engaged after well over a year of dating?

Not yet, Chandler herself recently said in response to a question she’s been asked a lot of late.

But it’s clear this is a topic that is far from taboo between the pair.

Matt Roloff at Dinner
Photo via Instagram

Now, Roloff has once again raised the possibility that not only if he in this relationship for the very long-term…

… but he also may be done with life on his family’s farm for good.

Six days ago, Matt told social media followers that he was departing the Oregon residence for a “few weeks, adding simply:

“next stop … Arizona …to visit with my folks (papa and huny) this coming week.”

Then, this past Friday, Chandler shared the above photo of her and Roloff holding hands, penning as a caption to the snapshot:

"Yay for Sunshine (but it’s chilly) here in AZ …. Excited that Matt’s parents fly in today !!!!”

Yup. Caryn had dinner with Matt’s mother on her birthday. We told you this romance was serious!

Not Just Any Old Photo
Photo via instagram

Roloff surprised fans awhile back when he said he was moving to Arizona.

He later made it clear that the home he and Chandler purchased would just be a vacation house, but the decision has still left Little People, Big World viewers afraid for the show’s future.

We know it’s coming back for another season… but beyond that?

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff quit the series last summer; Amy may soon get engaged to Chris Marek; Jacob has been done with the program for awhile now; and Matt is at least less dedicated to the farm than in years past.

We don’t blame any of these relatives from moving on, of course.

With Caryn
Photo via Instagram

The series has been on the air since 2006.

The Roloffs actually set a world record last year for starring in the longest-running, family-focused reality show in small screen history.

At some point, though, it has to come to an end.

Will that point arrive soon? Will it be spurred on by Matt’s growing affection for the warm weather of Arizona? And would you keep watching if Matt were to leave?

So many questions.

Perhaps soon we’ll have some answers.