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Tom and Kato have held power for several rounds now on Celebrity Big Brother. 

They’ve treated their allies terribly and gloated to the other houseguests that they hold all the power on several occasions. 

Tom and Kato on Celebrity Big Brother

The only way was down for Tomato, and Monday’s special eviction episode sure turned up the heat.

When the episode got underway, we learned what really happened to the save Joey plan, and it was all thanks to Tamar. 

Tamar wanted Kandi gone at the beginning of the season. The two women flat out hated each other, but they’ve become each other’s ride or die.  

As such, Tamar told Natalie that she wanted to keep Kandi in the game. Natalie granted the wish, and that’s why Joey was voted out of the house. 

Kandi Burruss on Celebrity Big Brother

But Kandi was not ready to show gratitude to Natalie or Lolo for saving her. Instead, Kandi wanted to get the two physical threats out of the house and told Tamar. 

Natalie and Lolo were mad when Kandi started talking to Tom and Kato, prompting Tamar to pull her aside and find out what she was up to. 

Kandi told her former enemy that they needed to make some moves because Natalie or Lolo will win the game. 

“Kandi, if you go after them, they’re gonna come after me AND you!” Tamar stressed when it seemed like she was about to lose her cool. 

The HOH competition was a stressful affair. Tamar admitted that this was the one she could excel at, and that’s what she did. 

Tamar Braxton on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

It came down to her and Kato, and she managed to secure the most crucial win to date. Maybe Tamar can put her emotions aside and win this whole thing. 

Tamar decided it was time to split Tom and Kato up, so she put them on the block with a speech that might as well have said "f–k you" to them both. 

The veto competition played out live and found the houseguests trying to remember which statements about performance were true or false. 

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point 
  • Round 2: All but Kato & Tom get a point 
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point 
  • Round 4: All but Tom get a point 
  • Round 5: Tamar and Lolo get a point
  • Round 6: Lolo gets a point 
  • Round 7: All but Tamar and Dina get a point
Lolo Jones Wins a Crucial Competition

Lolo won the POV competition, and acted like she was presenting the Oscars when she admitted she was taking neither Tom or Kato off the block. 

  • Ricky votes to evict: Kato 
  • Kandi votes to evict: Kato 
  • Dina votes to evict: Kato 
  • Lolo votes to evict: Kato 
  • Natalie votes to evict: Kato

The plan was great. Tom thought he was going, and the houseguests voted to evict Kato to rattle Tom so that he would not perform well in the HOH competition. 

We have the next HOH and nominations playing out on Thursday before the show returns for a double eviction on Friday.