Ariana Grande: I'm Done with Men... Forever!

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Ariana Grande made it as clear as possible a few days ago:

She was so very ready to be done with 2018.

And now the beloved pop star has made something else as clear as possible:

She also may be done with dating. Forever.

Ariana Grande Goes Dark

On Tuesday, the artist came across a fan's post with the headline: "Who Is Ariana Dating NOW?!"

In response to this question, the 25-year-old herself was curious to find out the answer.

"Can they tell me too?" she replied to one follower, prior making it adding in no uncertain terms whatsoever:

Spoiler: for the rest of this year/probably my life: It's no one. Please refer back to this tweet for future questions.

So there we appear to have it. Sorry, fellas.

no dating for AG

We doubt Grande is serious about swearing off men forever, but it's easy to understand where she's coming from.

As loyal celebrity gossip fans likely know very well, this has been a very tumultuous year for the singer on the personal front.

Back in September, Grande's ex-boyfriend of two years, Mac Miller, died of a drug overdose.

Not only did Ariana have to deal with the painful personal feelings associated with this loss, she also had to deal with awful Internet trolls actually blaming her for Miller's death.

These insensitive morons tried to argue that Grande ending the couple's romance drove Miller (a long-time addict) deep into despair -- and, consequently, heavy drug use. 

Ariana Grande on Social Media

Grande, as you are also very likely aware, got engaged to Pete Davidson this fall... after mere weeks of dating the comedian.

The stars then called off said engagement mere weeks later and spent several days shading each other online.

This tragically contributed to Davidson threatening to kill himself and Grande once again needing to turn off her Instagram comments due to all the hate spewed in her direction.

So, yeah. 

We totally get why she isn't anxious to get out there and mingle with other single people right now.


"I want to say that I find it interesting that this has been one of the best years of my career and the worst of my life," Ariana said in December, adding while accepting the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event:

"But as far as my personal life goes. I really have no idea what the f-ck I'm doing...

"I just want to say if you're someone out there who has no idea what this next chapter's gonna bring, you're not alone in that."

Amen, Ariana.

Thankfully, Grande continues to have the support of her millions of social media followers.


This is what she wrote about them on Tuesday:

My timeline is beautiful rn. Proud of u all and the human beings you're growing into. Happy nye!

Continue to take care of / celebrate each other the way you always do.

Happy to know u thru the internet & have u in my life. Our relationship is real and important to me. Love u.

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