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As we previously reported, Lifetime firebrand Abby Lee Miller confirmed that Dance Moms is back for Season 8.

Unfortunately, the reality star’s cancer battle continues, and it’s unclear the extent to which things are improving.

Abby Lee Miller Hugs BowBow Siwa

That is why Miller, according to celebrity gossip reports, Miller is working on ironing out the details of her will.

Radar Online reports some bad, sad news about Abby Lee Miller’s ongoing struggle with cancer today.

"The treatment and physical therapy has not been as successful as doctors had hoped," the insider reports.

"She still can’t walk," the source says. "And is in a wheelchair."

Abby Lee Miller Goes Back to Work

That much has been evident from her recent photos shared to social media.

As a result, the insider says, the Dance Moms star is preparing for the worst and has been "heavily working on her will."

Miller is only 52 years old.

Fellow teacher and choreographer Gia Martello has been stepping up and filling in for Miller in recent months.

Gia has been running things in both of Miller’s studios, and has of course appeared in most Dance Moms episodes.

Abby Lee Miller in a Wheelchair

"Gia is getting the studio,” the source reports.

“She’s basically the kid Abby never had," the insider characterizes.

"Gia will get most of what she has to carry on her legacy," the source adds.

"She is giving her money mostly to Gia," the insider continues. "And some friends back home."

"Abby is acting very tough," the source notes.

Abby Lee Miller Smiles During Cancer Battle

"But," the insider adds. "Doctors are not confident it’s the right time to leave her treatment in Los Angeles to head to Pittsburgh for a TV show."

But that, as Miller confirmed just weeks ago.

“She is going against doctors’ wishes," the source admits. "And going back to work."

That is a very big decision.

In April of 2018, Abby Lee Miller was still staying in a halfway house.

Abby Lee Miller in Black/White

A creeping paralysis began impairing her movement, and she underwent surgery for what doctors believed was an infection.

Upon examining her spine, however, doctors diagnosed her with Burkitt lymphoma.

Burkitt is a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma that is more often found in children than in adults.

In children, Burkitt lymphoma has a 90% recovery rate.

Unfortunately, that number is somewhat lower in adults.

Abby Lee Miller Announces Dance Moms Return Date

So, why is Miller going against doctor’s wishes and into the studio?

Maybe it’s practical. Maybe she needs the extra cash to pay for her expensive treatments.

Or maybe this is exactly what she needs to hold onto hope and continue living her life.

From the network’s perspective, and we hate to even say this, maybe they wonder if Miller’s cancer battle will draw more viewers.

Abby Lee Miller Aska for Prayers

Either way, this is Miller’s decision. We hope that she is making the right choice.

We are always a little leery of reports that are not confirmed.

Is Miller working on her will? Maybe — it’s never a bad idea.

But reports on someone’s will and who will inherit from them tend to be largely rooted in speculation.

Abby Lee Miller and Maddie Pietrusinski, Physical Therapy

They also tend to be just … super morbid, you know? 

We hope that Abby Lee Miller is focusing on the positive.

It’s no substitute for cancer treatments, but a good attitude can’t hurt your chances.