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Given that Bristol Palin thinks that teen moms should be cut off by their families as punishment, plenty of people wouldn’t want to spend time with her.

But it’s a bit of a surprise to hear that her own sister can’t stand her.

And apparently, when it comes to Bristol and Willow, the feeling of animosity is mutual.

RadarOnline reports that Willow Palin has basically given up hope that she’ll ever have a real relationship with big sister Bristol Palin.

“Willow is so beaten down by her siblings,” an insider close to the 24-year-old Palin daughter admits.

The source goes on to say that Willow feels that “especially Bristol” has kept her down.

Willow, per the insider, has reached the point “that she doesn’t even expect anything anymore” in terms of a sibling relationship with Bristol.

It sounds like this isn’t a new development by any stretch of the imagination.

This dysfunctional dynamic between the sisters has been going on for years.

Willow Palin
Photo via Instagram

“Bristol and Willow have a really weird past,” the source continues.

The insider even goes as far as to say that: “Bristol never really cared for Willow.”

That’s a major claim about a pair of siblings, but the report contains a somewhat specific example of how that alleged disinterest manifested.

“She’d take Willow to parties with her,” the source says.

“And then,” the insider continues. “Bristol would completely not take care of her or keep an eye on her.”

That’s not just lazy — that can be dangerous.

Screw You, Television!
Photo via MTV

Their quiet conflict became more pronounced earlier this year.

Willow got married to Ricky Bailey.

Bristol was invited — in fact, she was supposed to be a bridesmaid.

Instead, Bristol ditched the wedding, blowing off the family event entirely.

Her issue was that Willow had invited Track Palin, their “troubled” brother, to the ceremony.

Ultimately, Track couldn’t make it, either, because he got himself arrested for domestic battery … again.

Willow Palin Wedding Pic
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Willow and Bristol’s contentious relationship has even become apparent on Teen Mom OG.

It has been weeks since Willow has appeared on the show.

In the mean time, viewers have seen Bristol’s divorce from Dakota Meyer.

They’ve seen her 17-year-old sister, Piper Palin.

Teen Mom fans have seen the nightmare goblin of the frozen north herself, Sarah Palin.

Willow’s absence hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it gives off the appearance that the sisters can’t even stand to appear on camera together.

At least Bristol has this good co-parenting situation
Photo via MTV

It sounds like Bristol was not the best older sister to Willow.

That isn’t exactly a surprise — Bristol, from her blogging and her public statements, has made it clear that she’s not the best person, period.

But, as much as we hate to say it, we might be Team Bristol in this feud.

(Seriously, we never expected to write that in any context)

First of all, it looks like Willow happily shares all of Bristol’s worst political views, so nobody has a leg up on the other in terms of basic decency.

And then there’s their disagreement over Track.

Track Palin has a history of domestic violence arrests, and there’s nothing funny about that.

Willow might feel some misplaced sense of loyalty to her brother simply because they happen to share some genes.

Bristol boycotted her sister’s wedding because Willow had invited a known domestic abuser.

That’s a courageous move on Bristol’s part, and you have no idea how much it pains me to write those words.

Maybe Willow should reserve her loyalty for those who deserve it.

And maybe Bristol — and Teen Mom OG — are better off without Willow just as they’re better off without Track.