The Voice Recap: Who Got The Boot?

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Night three of the Battle Rounds brought more of the same Monday night:

The wrong people being sent home. Well, mostly. 

As is becoming the norm with this series, the coaches are keeping the people around they think viewers are tuning in for. 

Chevel Shepherd, Mikele Buck

But who went home?

Find out below.

Team Blake: Dave Fenley vs. Keith Paluso - “I’m a One-Woman Man”

It was clear from the get-go that this was Dave's competition to lose. Keith was all over the place in rehearsals, forgetting things and just coming across as though he could care less. 

When the performance actually kicked off, both men started well, but Keith quickly faltered, leaving Dave to take the whole thing. 

As expected, Blake opted to stick with Dave as opposed to Keith, but Adam gave Keith a reprieve. The issue here is that Keith is not doing very well, and Adam could be setting himself up for failure. 

Time will tell. 

Reagan Strange on The Voice

Team Adam: Reagan Strange vs. Emily Hough - “Photograph”

These two girls became friends thanks to the process and didn't want to battle one another, but they don't get to pick the rules. 

While they started the battle well, Reagan quickly towered above her competitor, but that's not to say Emily was bad. 

There was a lot to like about her voice, but Adam went with his gut and kept Reagan in the competitive loop. 

Team Jennifer: Franc West vs. Matt Johnson - “Too Close”

This battle was the closest of the night. Franc and Matt have distinctly different voices, but they both killed it during their battle. 

Matt definitely had the edge, but Jennifer opted to send him home. 

Delaney Silvernell

Team Kelly: Abby Cates vs. Delaney Silvernell - “Love Me Like You Do” 

Delaney continued to struggle with her nerves during the rehearsals, and Kelly wondered whether they would be addressed by the time the show actually kicked off. 

Unfortunately, they were not, and it resulted in a shaky performance that allowed Abby the time she needed to shine. 

Kelly kept Abby in the game, and Adam decided to give Delaney another shot, presumably because he knew there was a star in there somewhere. 

The Voice Season 15 Poster

Team Adam: Jake Wells vs. Natalie Brady - “Closing Time”

Jake wondered why he was paired with Natalie because they had different appearances. Natalie was just happy to still be in the game, so she continued to sing. 

When put together, they were probably on the same level, but that was not enough to keep them both there. Jake secured the win, and there was no steal for Natalie. 

Team Jennifer: Tyshawn Colquitt vs. Zaxai - “Love Lies”

Tyshawn wowed everyone with his audition and continued to excel during this final battle of the night.

Zaxai was solid, but there was something about his vocals that were not up to par with Tyshawn's. 

In any case, Jennifer stuck with Tyshawn while Kelly took on Zaxai. 

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