Luis Mendez: 90 Day Fiance Star Gets Married Again; Molly Hopkins Reacts on IG Live

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After a tumultuous relationship, 90 Day Fiance stars Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins got a divorce earlier this year.

Now, wedding photos have surfaced and Luis has confirmed that he has remarried.

Molly also saw those photos, and she has a lot to say about it.

Luis Mendez, Coffee Selfie

Earlier this year, Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins finalized their divorce.

It was May 4, in fact -- Star Wars Day.

Now, just over five months later, Luis has not only moved on -- he has gotten married.

No, he didn't get back with Molly.

Yes, Luis has confirmed that he tied the knot (again).

And also yes, there are photos, courtesy of the Instagram account @90dayfiance_.

Luis Mendez married 02

Luis spoke to In Touch to confirm things.

"Yes, I did get married," Luis affirms.

"That was my wedding [on] Sept. 19," he says.

There, he is referring to some earlier and much vaguer photos of him wearing a tux at what people had assumed was a friend's wedding.

"I love this girl so much," Luis gushes. "She is so amazing."

That is so sweet!

Luis Mendez married 01

So, what does Molly Hopkins, his very recent ex-wife, think of all of this?

"I have no contact with her,” Luis says.

Luis explains: “I just want to be happy."

Where Molly is concerned, he says: "I don’t want to know nothing about it."

"But if she wants to congratulate me," Luis adds. "It’s okay."

Molly and Luis

Molly did address Luis' marriage on Instagram Live. We don't know that we'd call her message congratulatory, however.

"Oh yeah," Molly says. "For all of you who care or who wanted to talk junk about me, um, yeah I totally got used, but it’s all good."

"Luis got married to a Dominican lady in Jersey, the best I could tell," Molly explains.

"I saw pictures," Molly says. "So yeah, he’s married to someone else."

And Molly, who recently flaunted her weight loss on social media, doesn't have a high opinion of this new union.

Molly Hopkins Flaunts Weight Loss

"Oh yeah, he totally married someone," Molly says. "She looks older than me -- from the Dominican [Republic]."

"I just saw the pictures," Molly continues. "So for all you people that thought that I was crazy…"

"His situation was pretty lovely," Molly claims. "I mean, we were together for two years, so it’s all good."

"I know, I just -- I feel like I need to redeem myself," she explains. "Because a lot of people talked so much s--t about me, and I’m not with it."

Molly then concludes: "But, hey, it’s all good!"

A lot of celebrities like to assure fans that things are all good when reality is otherwise.

90 Day Fiance Couple Luis and Molly

We can only hope that Luis' current marriage is less problematic than his last one.

90 Day Fiance fans were immediately suspicious over the age difference between Molly and Luis.

Some feared that he intended to exploit her for a Green Card.

The actual marriage turned out to be worse than that, and there was even a video that may have shown Molly abusing Luis.

Domestic violence, or even the implication or accusation of it, is absolutely never okay.

Luis Mendez Works Out

We should note that, even if Luis' new bride is an American citizen, Luis would still have to return to the Dominican Republic and reapply for a K-1 visa.

However, there were suggestions on Instagram earlier this summer that Luis had returned home.

At the time, 90 Day Fiance fans assumed that Luis had been deported. He had been staying with family in New Jersey.

But now, that July visit might be explained if he went back for a couple of weeks in order to prepare for a new marriage.

We do not know enough to confirm that. All that we know for sure is that this looks like one hell of a rebound.

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