Kylie Jenner Shares Throwback Pics Where She's Totally Twinning With Stormi

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Even though billionaire businesswoman Kylie Jenner no longer wants to marry Travis Scott, their baby girl still makes them a family.

Kylie is honoring her daughter by putting up side-by-side photos of Stormi with baby pics of herself.

Take a look at these baby photos. They're twinning!

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Pretty in Pink

Precious little Stormi Webster will turn nine months old on November 1.

We treasure every baby picture of this cutie, but these photos you're about to see are extra special.

Kylie took to Instagram to treat her fans and followers to a couple of side-by-side comparisons.

In the images that you're about to see, half of the picture shows baby Stormi.

The other half are throwbacks to when Kylie herself was just a wee baby.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Side-By-Side Baby Pics 01

Look at them!

That is very obviously Stormi on the left, and baby Kylie in the late '90s on the right.

They do look exceptionally similar.

"My baby and me," Kylie captioned the photo.

After those words, she shared three well-deserved heart eyes emojis.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Side-By-Side Baby Pics 02

Kylie had no words to add with this image.

Instead, she wrote three heart eyes emojis and then a red heart emoji.

Those chubby cheeks on the left belong to Stormi.

On the right, dressed like the princess that she basically is, is Kylie.

They really do look so similar -- which they should. They're mother and daughter.

Kylie Jenner Holds Stormi Webster

Unfortunately, we remember all too well this summer's manufactured scandal.

A handful of Kylie's fans created and spread a conspiracy theory that Travis wasn't Kylie's real baby daddy.

They noticed that Kylie's bodyguard was hot and decided that baby Stormi's features and skin were closer to his Asian features than to Travis' black features.

(Yes, there was some implicit racism behind this hurtful conspiracy theory)

We hope that, if there are any more "Stormi truthers" out there, these twinning photos lay their doubts to rest.

Stormi doesn't look like some other man. She looks like her mommy.

Stormi Webster Laughs with Travis Scott

Back in July, Kylie mentioned that her baby was the spitting image of her.

"Stormi, she’s my twin," Kylie gushed during a YouTube Q&A with bestie Jordyn Woods.

Kylie did admit at the time: "She’s looking a lot more like her dad."

"She has the most perfect lips in the entire world," Kylie shared.

Since you can't genetically inherit lip fillers, that didn't come from Kylie.

"She didn’t get those from me," Kylie affirmed. "I think her dad has those."

Kylie Jenner Holds Stormi

No baby should be the target of criticism, and no mother should have to choose between ignoring hate and defending her baby.

Kylie spent most of her life, including all of her teens and the end of her childhood, in the spotlight.

Stormi will spend her entire life as one of the most famous people on Earth.

She is already second only to literal royalty in terms of famous babies.

We hope that, along with her mother's strong features, she inherited her mom's resilience against the burdens of that fame.

But hey, at least she got her dad's lips -- that's one fewer cosmetic procedure to consider.

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