Cardi B: I Could MURDER Nicki Minaj With Diss Tracks ... But I Won't

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Last month, Cardi B literally attacked Nicki Minaj. Words flew, and so did shoes. This beef is intense.

Fortunately, Cardi's next planned attack will be in the form of music, not projectiles. And her diss track is coming along.

But apparently her lyrics are so biting and insulting that her own crew isĀ begging her to tone it down.

Cardi B Rants

Cardi B is not happy with Nicki Minaj.

This time, at least, her feud is going to be channeled into music.

That's what the fans want, and it should also help Cardi avoid getting arrested for assault again.

But TMZ reports that though a lot from the diss track has been recorded, the people around Cardi are imploring her to remove some lyrics.

The reason? Her lyrics are just too vicious.

Nicki Minaj in Black

In fact, apparently some members of Cardi B's team worry that this could backfire.

Not every diss track destroys its intended target.

Their fear is that Cardi's lyrics might actually help Nicki, potentially by boosting her public image.

This could mean that the lyrics are so cruel that people will feel sorry for Nicki.

It could also mean that Cardi could just be giving Nicki more attention.

Cardi B in Many Colors

Cardi's team feel that her career has already surpassed Nicki.

Between Cardi's baby and secret marriage and even her arrest weeks ago, she is big news this year.

People still listen to "Bodak Yellow," but it's been a little while since Nicki had that level of undeniable social relevance.

Her team's analysis says that ignoring Nicki is the best way to keep her down.

As for Cardi, though, she is said to feel that the only way to "keep it real" with her music is to really lay into Nicki.

Cardi is big on authenticity.

Nicki Minaj Mirror Selfie

TMZ notes that Nicki and Cardi have not met face to face since their messy fight at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS Party.

That sounds like it is for the best.

In the aftermath, Nicki threated to literally murder Cardi, which is a hell of a thing.

Cardi vowed to whoop Nicki's ass, of course.

Sometimes it is difficult to see where brand-mandated posturing ends and genuine loathing begins.

But this feud looks like the real deal.

Cardi B in Red

Cardi's recent arrest for assault was not over her blowup with Nicki.

Instead, it was over the alleged incident in which Cardi B ordered the beating of a pair of strip club employees.

Two women, who are sisters as well as bartenders at a strip club, say that they were assaulted by Cardi's entourage.

One woman, the real target, said that she had been attacked by people close to Cardi before, she believed on Cardi's orders.

The reason for the attack was apparently that Cardi believed that one woman had banged her husband, Offset.

Ordering an assault because you suspect cheating is, needless to say, never okay.

Nicki Minaj and Boobs

Death threats, literal fights, and assaults are toxic.

In the rap world, these kinds of feuds can get people killed. Neither Cardi nor Nicki could actually want that, right?

Lyrics might just be words, but it could be an escalation that keeps this feud from dying.

We'd love to hear Cardi's diss tracks and Nicki's clapback, of course.

But we hope that all of this animosity stays on people's music and doesn't spill over into real life -- again.

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