Thomas Ravenel Accused of Naked Assault on Ex-Nanny

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We have an update on Tuesday's arrest of former Southern Charm lead Thomas Ravenel.

And it's a very ugly update.

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The ex-Bravo star was taken into custody this morning on charges of second degree assault and battery.

At the time of the arrest, we were uncertain just why Ravenel had been booked by Charleston police, but we've now learned the a warrant had been issued regarding an alleged incident in 2015.

We've actually reported on this incident previously.

Back in May, a former nanny named Dawn accused Ravenel of attempted rape, outlining for People Magazine the way in which Ravenel forced himself on her in his bedroom... while his infant daughter slept just feet away next door.

According to the official arrest affidavit, the attack took place inside Ravenel's home on Charlotte Street in Charleston.

"While inside the location, the defendant undressed and made sexual advances on the victim,” this legal document reads.

It continues:

“The defendant grabbed the victim’s hand and placed it on his penis before attempting to removed the victim’s clothing.

"While attempting to remove the victim’s clothing, the victim’s underwire bra cut into her skin and her shirt wrapped around her neck, which caused the victim to struggle to breathe."

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The affadavit goes on, in lurid detail, stating that Ravenel then “pulled down the victim’s pants and said ‘Show me your pussy.'"

He then "began grabbing the victim’s vagina.”

As a result, the nanny "crouched down to the ground to try and prevent further assault [and] the defendant then put his penis in her face and asked, ‘Do you like big dicks?’"

For the record, before we go any further, the victim is NOT named in the document.

We are just making an assumption that she is the same nanny who, as cited above, reported a very similar crime had taken place at her expense.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm

After escaping the assault, the woman called her ex-husband and sister and told them of the inciden...  fled the scene ... and notified several family members of the incident,” the affidavit states.

“Photographs were then taken immediately of the injures to her neck and chest."

Earlier that month, another woman named Ashley Perkins alleged that Ravenel sexually assaulted her mother, Debbie Holloway Perkins, after the two went on a date and then ended up back at Ravenel's home.

The star's lawyer denied the allegations made by Perkins at the time.

Thomas Ravenel

The Charleston police department has said that Ravenel surrendered himself to authorities just after 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

Bravo, meanwhile, confirmed to the press that the former politician, who has been featured on Southern Charm since season 1 in 2014, would not return for season 6.

Ravenel previously announced he was done with the show in August, claiming he was a victim of editing and and actually writing:

In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.

This guy sucks. 

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