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Selena Gomez may not be looking for love.

She may just be looking for a roll in the proverbial hay.

But one thing is for certain, according to a new report…

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… Selena Gomez really needs a distraction.

Insiders have previously claimed that Gomez was totally cool with Justin Bieber being engaged to Hailey Baldwin, and that may have been true.

Perhaps she didn’t care much when her frequent ex-boyfriend took himself off the market by proposing to Baldwin.

But some anonymous person now tells Hollywood Life that the constant coverage of Bieber and Baldwon’s relationship is getting to her — and the singer could use a lover of her own to feel better these days.

“Selena is ready for a new boyfriend ASAP," this individual tells this website, adding:

"All this Justin and Hailey marriage buzz has Selena feeling emotional and ready for a new relationship to keep her mind off her ex."

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Selena and Justin dated and broke up approximately 79 times over the course of four or five years.

The assumption for so long was that she would be the one to accept an engagement ring from her fellow artist at some point.

In early July, however, Bieber went and stunned the world by asking for Baldwin’s hand in marriage instead.

About two months later, the news is finally hitting Gomez… and it’s hitting her HARD, this source alleges.

"Selena had been taking time to heal, hang with her girls and to work on her career, but now she is starting to feel lonely," Hollywood Life writes.

"She misses having someone to kiss and go out with on date nights and stuff."

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Anyone who has gone through a split and then watched his or her significant other move on can relate to this issue.

But it’s even worse for Selena.

Because has to read about Bieber and Baldwin and hear about Bieber and Baldwin all the time.

"Selena can’t stand hearing about Justin and Hailey anymore, she’s trying to avoid thinking about them but it’s really hard because they’re always doing something to get attention,” this insider says.

“Selena is ready and looking for a hot guy to distract her from Justin and Hailey’s constant PDA, it’s really hard not to be bothered by it."

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ATTENTION, men around the world: This cutie is single and prepared to mingle!

Seriously, the least Bieber could do it not serenade Baldwin in public so often.

The thing is, this is Selena Gomez we’re talking about.

Couldn’t she have almost any guy out there?

Yes, but this source says Gomez does not want to "settle." She is hoping for "fireworks and butterflies" because that’s what she felt with Bieber back in the day:

"She worries that if she tries to settle for someone that doesn’t make her heart race the way Justin did it will only make her miss him more.

"She has felt magical, wild, incredibly romantic, powerful love with Justin and she doesn’t see how she can settle for anything less.

"That’s why she is having a hard time finding a new guy right now."