Noah Brown Defends Rhain Amid Alaskan Bush People Family Criticism

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On Wednesday, August 15, Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown married Rhain in a heartwarming wedding ceremony.

Some "fans" of the show and the family have never liked Rhain, and rumors began to surface that Rhain wasn't allowed to take Noah's last name.

Noah has come forward to clear things up, once and for all.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha

Noah Brown spoke to RadarOnline to lay this rumor to rest.

"Rhain is my wife," Noah affirmed.

Not that there was any doubt -- but, especially for newlyweds, that statement can feel powerful.

"And," Noah continued. "She is my wife for life."

Noah then makes it clear: "and of course she will be taking my last name."

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha, Black and White

Noah cannot help but gush about his new life.

"It feels wonderful to be married," Noah shares.

He mentions that his wedding date was a long time coming.

"Rhain and I were engaged for over a year," he reminds fans, before repeating: "And we are finally married."

He really loves saying it. That is so cute.

Rhain Alisha

He says that the feeling of being married has really improved his life.

"It is like this huge weight has been lifted," Noah says.

They're no longer engaged and deciding when and where to get married or trying to work out any of those details.

Noah concludes: "We can finally focus on being husband and wife."

Good for them!

Noah Brown, Fiancee

Obviously, not ever woman who marries a man then goes and changes her last name to match his.

Some hyphenate. Some simply leave their names as they are. It depends on many factors, but ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Changing a name can be a troublesome and time-consuming and expensive process. It was probably a lot simpler a century ago when few women were gainfully employed or owned property.

Sometimes, it can take a new bride some time to change her name -- remember, you have to change things like deeds and bank accounts in the process.

Just because someone hasn't raced to do so instead of going on her honeymoon doesn't mean that she's never changing her name. We shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Noah Brown and Rhain at the Zoo

Noah has been something of a black sheep in his family, which is probably why he gets more grief from fans and viewers than Bam Bam does.

Both sons fell in love and moved on with their lives, but Noah was always a little weird (yes, even weirder than his siblings).

The kid who's a little goth isn't going to thrive out in the wilderness, folks. He's a grown man and he's allowed to live his wife.

Some fans turned their ire on Rhain, even accusing her of "copying" Noah's sister Rain's name, because Rhain's birth name is Ruth.

Folks, people can change their names any time that they like. 

Noah Brown

We're not sure why people think that Rhain would want to copy her now-husband's sister's name. Noah dragged Rain on Instagram just a couple of months ago.

Also, Rain Brown's full name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown. How would you even begin to "copy" that?

We're so glad that Noah and Rhain found each other and we hope that they continue to enjoy their wedded bliss.

Fans (and so-called "fans") will continue to say whatever they like about Noah and Rhain, but the further removed from reality television that Noah is, the less that these haters can touch them.

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