Dakota Meyer: THIS Is Why I Had to Divorce Bristol Palin!

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As we learned earlier this month, Bristol Palin is divorced from Dakota Meyer.

But while she moves on with her life and prepares to get paid big bucks to join Teen Mom, her ex-husband, Dakota, is still reeling from the split.

Now, he is opening up to his followers on why they divorced and how he's getting through it.

Dakota Meyer and Bristol

Dakota took to his Instagram Stories to reply to some fan questions that he had received.

"Why did you and your wife get a divorce?" one fan asks Dakota. "You seemed so cute together."

That's a heavy question, but he managed to keep his reply brief.

"She wasn't happy with me," Dakota writes. "So it's for the best."

If you're not getting along, it makes sense that you'd split. He managed to answer that without spilling any family secrets.

Dakota Meyer Instagram Stories Divorce Advice 01

"I know this is a personal question," another fan asked during his ask-me-anything. "But any advice for those going through a divorce?"

The newly divorced dad did not mind answering.

"Take it one day at a time and focus on you," Dakota replies.

"You can try everything and give the person all you have," Dakota says grimly. "And if they don't choose to see good in you it's out of your control."

That is a very healthy thing to say, but also kind of sad.

"Know when enough is enough," Dakota advises.

Dakota Meyer Instagram Stories Divorce Advice 02

Another fan asks: "What is it that helped you keep moving forward after those dark times?"

"Both of my girls have got me through so much," Dakota replies.

"But Sailor is what turned me into a man," he says of his elder daughter.

Sailor Grace was born in 2015. Atlee Gray was born to the couple in 2017.

"And," he reveals, Sailor "made me not just want to be better but to make the commitment I'd do whatever it took to be the best dad ever."

Dakota Meyer Instagram Stories Divorce Advice 03

Dakota answered other questions, and one fan even asked if he would consider getting married again.

His reply is a simple: "hell no."

Many newly divorced people feel a similar sentiment, but often they find themselves repeating past mistakes after they begin to miss the feeling of being married.

Perhaps Dakota, if he does marry, will choose someone better next time.

(If your ex is Bristol Palin, whoever comes next has to be an improvement, right?)

Dakota Meyer Pic

Dakota filed for divorce from Bristol in late January.

In his divorce filing, he cited "discord or conflict of personalities."


The documents say that this conflict "destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation."

In other words, it sounds like things were heavily toxic and that their union had become a contentious battlefield. That's no way for a marriage to work.

Bristol Palin and Husband

A lot of fans may still be scratching their heads and wondering why Bristol Palin is joining Teen Mom.

Sure, she was a teen mother back in the day -- but so were plenty of people's grandmothers. That doesn't mean that a little old octegenerian is likely to join the cast.

Obviously, showrunners decided that they needed someone just as toxic and universally reviled as Farrah Abraham.

And for that, you can look no further than Bristol.

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