Paola Mayfield: Juan Has to Accept My Pregnancy or He Can GTFO!!

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Time and time again, Paola Mayfield's friend, Juan, has clashed with her husband, Russ. Juan has made no secret that he objects to their relationship.

So how is he taking the happy news that Paola is pregnant with Russ' baby?

Paola suggests that it ultimately doesn't matter -- because she's pregnant, and Juan just has to accept it.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield

Paola Mayfield tells Us Weekly that she broke the news of her pregnancy to Juan just a day before it went public.

Pao explains what she said to Juan: "I told him, ‘Look, this is gonna happen, so I don’t want you to find out through someone else.'"

That makes sense.

She also describes his reaction: "And he was like, ‘I’m about to cry.'"

But ... perhaps not in the way that viewers of 90 Day Fiance might expect. These were happy tears.

"'Even though I know I’m not a big fan of Russ,'" Paola says that Juan said. "'This is amazing because I love you and I know what you’ve been through, so I’m really happy for you.'"

Paola Mayfield and Russ in the Water

That is so sweet of him to say!

Paola admits that she was "surprised" by how positive his reaction was, knowing that this baby will tie her forever to the man whom he believes to be too controlling.

So, will this baby help -- or force -- Juan and Russ to mend fences?

"I want to believe [it will]," Pao says. "But he has to accept it no matter what."

Juan can't just wish away this pregnancy news -- or her marriage. Even though he's been trying with the latter.

"There’s nothing he can do about it," Paola says very directly. "And I don’t want the negativity around us because we’re going to be parents."

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield, Valentines Day 2018

So, in other words, she's leery of having him come around.

But she says that she's not banning Juan from visiting.

"I’m not gonna say no," Paola says about a potential visit from Juan. "But he’s definitely going to need to be more respectful if he’s gonna wanna hang around."

More respectful towards Russ. Or, at least, more polite and less confrontational.

"[He needs to be] more civil, cordial," Pao laments. "That’s all I’ve asked from him."

Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield in the Water

Earlier this week, Paola gushed about her pregnancy news.

"This is the most amazing feeling ever!" Paola announced. "We can’t believe we are going to be parents —-- we are already so in love with our baby."

That is so touching!

"We are ready for this new adventure," Paola said at the time. "And we know it will bring us closer together."

Which Juan will just have to accept, as she said.

Paola gushed: "God has blessed us again, and this time, we are going as strong as our baby’s heartbeat!"

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield: Pregnant?

Of course, just because Juan is totally onboard with Baby Mayfield doesn't mean that everyone will be.

First of all, both Paola and Russ have plenty of haters. Some agree with Juan that Russ is too controlling and tries to make Paola conform to his life.

(He's gotten so much better about accepting her career, though)

Others feel that Paola should abandon Miami and her modeling career and worship the feet of her lord husband (or whatever) and be grateful to live a quiet life in Oklahoma.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield, Breakfast Time

For the record, Russ has defended Paola against these trolls.

Finally, there will be another wave of haters with whom Russ and Pao have less experience -- pregnancy shamers.

Everything from the cereal Paola eats to the size and shape of her baby bump will be given intense scrutiny by social media commenters. Ugh.

People with dynamite figures like hers -- and abs for days like hers -- often have smaller baby bumps.

There are trolls out there who live to tell fitness-oriented women that their wombs will be crushed by their abs or whatever. You just have to ignore it.

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