Big Brother Recap: JC's Vote Divides the House

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Kaitlyn Herman is out of the Big Brother house, and Sunday's episode proved that the rest of the cast could the drama without her in the house. 

With Kaitlyn being evicted 9-1 against Rockstar, her former houseguests wondered where that extra vote came from. 

Viewers knew it was JC, but most others seemed to think it was Tyler because they thought he and Kaitlyn were closer in the game than they were being led to believe. 

JC Monduix

JC planned to spread paranoia around the house because it would help keep the target off himself. He was campaigning to send Kaitlyn out the door for much of last week. 

Scottie started to act stranger than usual, and everyone concluded that he must be the one who flipped. 

The HOH competition was mostly a game of chance. The houseguests were tasked with sliding on a bit of wood and get to get to the other end of a platform in 8 seconds. 

Bayliegh was the lucky victor, and she immediately got to work to find out who to put up on the block. 

Bayleigh Dayton

Her pool of targets was revealed to be Brett, Scottie, and JC, but Faysal was not going to stand for JC to be put on the block. 

He said that Rachel would be a better option against Brett because he knew that putting two people from the other side of the house would give them the numbers. 

Bayliegh turned to Haleigh to let her know that Faysal would do anything to keep JC in the game. It resulted in a blow-up between the two women and Faysal. 

Faysal was furious that Haleigh would question his loyalty after he saved her from the block with the veto last week, but the three of them managed to patch things up. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

As Bayliegh was in a tailspin wondering what to do about the nominations, she turned to Rachel and asked that she would go up as a pawn to get Brett out. 

Bayliegh said she had a good reason for it: Scottie was running his mouth and saying that Rachel was the liar and that she needed to be sent home. 

To get Rachel on her side, Bayliegh told her about the Identity Theft power and the Vegas actress was blindsided by it. Rachel was not impressed about going on the block but liked that she got some intel from Bayliegh. 

Will she tell her allies or will she keep quiet about it?

Rachel Swindler

As for Bayliegh, she confirmed in the DR that things could change in the next few days, likely alluding to JC or Scottie being put up if someone comes down. 

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?

Will Bayliegh change her target? 

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues on Wednesday on CBS!

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