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It’s been a little over a month since Beyonce and Jay-Z released a joint album out of nowhere as part of Beyonce’s campaign to try to force her fans to accept and forgive her husband.

On Wednesday, Beyonce offered fans an ultra-rare glimpse at her children — all three of them.

It’s hard to believe how much these babies have grown.

Beyonce Remains Queen
Photo via Instagram

On her website — not on Instagram, which may be significant, and we’ll talk about that in a bit — Beyonce first shared a photo of herself with her twins.

Sir Carter and Rumi Carter are just a little over a year old. They turned 1 year old on June 13.

Bey has the two 13-month-olds resting on her lap while she sports a flower crown.

She and Rumi seem to be focused on the same thing.

Sir appears to be focused on something else — or perhaps, as some have suggested, lost in his thoughts.

Beyonce with Sir and Rumi Carter
Photo via

Those tots are so cute. And speaking of cute. …

The second photo shows Beyonce with Blue Ivy.

Can you guys believe that Blue is six years old? She’s going to be seven in just a few months.

It seems like just yesterday that Illuminati-conspiracy-theorist trolls were imagining that her name was an acronym on Twitter. But no, that was 2012.

In the photo, Beyonce and Blue wear very similar pink dresses as they spend time on the water.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Pink

We mentioned that Beyonce shared these on her website, not on Instagram. That seems odd if you want everyone to see your photos, right?

But we can guess as to her motive.

On Sunday, Selena Gomez obliterated Beyonce’s record for the fastest photo to ever reach 1 million likes.

Previously, it had been Bey’s photo announcing that she was pregnant with her twins. Now, it’s a photoset from Selena’s birthday party — she is 26.

Selena reached 1 million likes in only 13 minutes.

Perhaps Beyonce shared these photos to her own website to show that she doesn’t care and isn’t in a competition for Instagram clout — even if it can be very lucrative.

Selena Gomez Turns 26
Photo via Instagram

But Selena and Beyonce are both Instagram powerhouses and extremely talented singers and performers.

We can talk about one gaining the upper hand on Instagram without imagining that they are in competition with each other.

Society teaches us to view women as being in competition with each other, but that is not always the case.

Besides, we think that Beyonce sent a very clear message by posting photos that millions of fans would like to see on her website.

Bey just doesn’t give AF about Instagram milestones.

Beyonce at Coachella
Photo via Getty

It’s so wonderful to see Beyonce enjoying family time. She had to try hard — and, as we recently learned, suffer miscarriages — before becoming pregnant with Sir and Rumi.

Beyonce revealed in Lemonade that Jay-Z had cheated on her.

Then, last year, in 4:44, Jay-Z confirmed his cheating — and revealed that it had caused such stress to Beyonce that she had suffered miscarriages.

(That would be … unusual, but if someone is struggling with fertility already, stress certainly isn’t going to help)

We’re glad that their perseverance paid off. Their family is so beautiful!