Tristan Thompson to Lani Blair: I'm Gonna Need You to Stop Being a Stripper

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Back in April, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child.

Obviously, it was a painful situation for Khloe and her loved ones involved, but if you ask Tristan, he's the real victim here.

Tristan Thompson Sweating

Thompson took a good deal of flak online in the weeks after news of the scandal broke.

As it turns out, cheating on a pregnant girlfriend isn't great for one's public image. Who knew?!

Anyway, instead of admitting fault and vowing to do better, Thompson begged for compassion from the public, because clearly, no one has suffered like he has.

Now that his team's run in the NBA playoffs has come to an end, Tristan is able to commit himself full-time to repairing his relationship with Khloe.

But instead, he's devoting himself to repairing his reputation by ushering his side-pieces away from the spotlight.

Lani Blair is a well-known exotic dancer in the D.C. area who participated in a tryst with Tristan while he was in the city with his team.

Lani Blair, Tristan Thompson Split

Obviously, Blair is more in-demand than ever since being exposed as one of Tristan's cheating partners, and she's wisely decided to cash in on her sudden fame.'

(Tristan's the one who's at fault here, folks. Lani has every right to capitalize on the mess he made.)

But apparently, Thompson not only wants Blair to stop making money off of his name, he wants her to give up her livelihood entirely.

"Lani thinks Tristan is crazy because he asked her to stop dancing for money," a source close to the situation tells In Touch

"She thinks he’s lost his mind. He told her she’s ruining his imagine by being in the club scene, hosting parties, and letting everyone throw cash on her."

Understandably, Lani has no interest in granting Tristan's wish: 

"Lani thinks his request is too possessive, especially since she’s not his main girl," the insider claims.

Lani Blair

"She told him she’s going to continue to do her unless he’s ready to step up and give her the world."

Wait ... not his main girl?!

Does that mean Tristan is still in contact with Lani?

Well, based on her latest comments ... probably.

Asked by In Touch if Tristan acknowledged her recent birthday in any way, Lani cryptically replied:

"A lot of people wished me a happy birthday."

We're sure Khloe just loved that remark.

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