Luann de Lesseps FUMES at Ramona Singer: You Betrayed Me, She-Devil!!

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Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill aren't the only The Real Housewives of New York City stars to have a frittered friendship.

Luann de Lesseps and Ramona Singer weren't exactly joined at the hip before, but now Luann is taking her to task.

Why? Because Ramona betrayed her trust when she was at her most vulnerable -- right after she got out of rehab.

Luann de Lesseps: A Selfie

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you already know what went down on the episode titled: "Arrest and Relaxation."

But one explosive conflict from the episode really merits a closer look.

On Wednesday night's episode of RHONY, Luann did not mince words when she referred to a group photo that Ramona shared with the world.

"The she-devil strikes again," Luann announced.

She-devil can either be very confrontational (because yikes!) or very complimentary (it's what Red Sonja is called, after all), but Luann meant it in the worst sense.

Luann explains: “I really feel like Ramona invaded my privacy by putting a picture out of me when nobody knew where I was."

The Countess was in a very vulnerable place in her life and did not feel encouraged by the entire world knowing what she was up to just yet.

"And now," Luann says. "The whole world knows I’m out of rehab."

She wanted to let the world know on her terms, when the time was right. She feels that Ramona robbed her of that opportunity.

The Real Housewives of New York Pose Before Fine Dining

What's more is that Luann fears that Ramona's thoughtless photo -- which, in fairness, Ramona did later delete -- could impact her appearance in court.

"I have a court case coming up," Luann laments."I don’t need more press!"

Being a reality star has its pitfalls.

Luann explains why publicity is a problem, saying: "I don’t need pictures of me and the press making guesses at what I’m up to."

The rest of us might look at a headline that says Luann de Lesseps: Out of Rehab and Drinking Already? and question its veracity. But if a judge sees that kind of speculation, it might change Luann's life forever.

Since the news was out in the open anyway, Luann did make it official with a post of her own.

"It’s good to be home,” Luann wrote to her fans and followers. “I’m doing great. Spending time with friends and family. Thanking everyone for your continued good wishes and support."

Luann de Lesseps in Cowboy Hat

"My return to New York is supposed to be on my terms,” Luann tells the camera.. “I just feel like I got the rug pulled out of me."

She felt shocked that others knew before she was ready to tell the world.

On RHONY, she's seen giving Ramona a piece of her mind.

"You put a picture up and now Luann is the talk of the town again,” Luann laments.

She does acknowledge that she knew that it would happen sooner or later -- but that she feels betrayed that it was by Ramona's hand.

“It’s inevitable that I will be in the press again, I just don’t want my friends to drive it," Luann says. "You opened up a can of worms for me."

Ramona Singer in Black

"These are hurtful things. You’re hurting me,” Luann explained. “You have to be more respectful and thoughtful about your friends."

Ramona was shocked, having not realized that she was doing anything wrong.

"We also post group shots! It’s a beautiful picture,” Ramona said, at first being defensive.

Ramona did realize that she was in the wrong and apologized, saying: “You didn’t tell me not to post. … I’m sorry."

Ramona, to her credit, became very apologetic and worked to make things right.

"I’m disappointed in myself,” Ramona admitted. “I wasn’t thinking. Now I understand. … I made a huge mistake. This was bad. What I did was bad."

Luann de Lesseps is Looking Good

Luann also had another bone to pick with Ramona.

See, Ramona had been hanging out with Luann's recent ex, Tom D'Agustino.

"There are so many guys on the Upper East Side. Really?” Luann tells the camera.

She continues to complain to the camera about Ramona, saying: “You have to go and have drinks with Tom? I knew Ramona wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed, but what an idiot."

To be honest, that seems a little harsh. 

"It’s not cool,” Luann said, yelling at Ramona. “If you’re my friend, it’s not cool. What you did, most people would never talk to you again."

Whoa, there. She spoke with him socially. She didn't bang him.

"That is the lowest of the low," Luann insists, feeling betrayed. "Do you realize that? What you did is the lowest of the low."

Ramona Singer Is Not Impressed

Ramona explained that she hadn't been there to meet with Tom, that they had just happened into each other.

"Just because Luann divorced Tom doesn’t mean he’s going to disappear," Ramona says.

"He travels with the same circle as I do," Ramona continues. "He has the same friends as I do."

That's one of the big pitfalls of a breakup -- everybody knows each other.

Ramona then throws some shade, saying: "Listen, if I couldn’t talk with every man Luann ended up being with, I wouldn’t be talking to any men in New York City!"

Luann is not amused, however.

"You make it worse,” Luann accuses. “You don’t have my best interest at heart and I can’t be around that."


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