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Over the weekend, Tristan Thompson offered feeble proof that he’s a decent father by showing off two of his babies: True and Prince.

Fans weren’t having it, and called it out as a staged photo op, and accused Tristan of using his kids to soften his cheating image.

And Prince’s mother, Jordan Craig, was reportedly not amused. In fact, sources say that she’s royally pissed.

Jordan Craig Mirror Selfie

Tristan decided to share a photo featuring him, his 18-month-old son, Prince Oliver, and his 2-month-old daughter, True.

Plenty of people had opinions about it. Prince’s mom was no exception.

HollywoodLife has the scoop on what Tristan’s OG baby mama thinks of his convenient photo op with her son.

"Jordy is taking the high road," a source and reported friend of Jordy’s reveals.

But taking the high road isn’t the same as having a high opinion.

Jordy, insider dishes, is biting her tongue, "and is not going to throw shade on Tristan publicly."

But behind closed doors, Jordan Craig is said to have much more negative thoughts.

She’s keeping quiet, the source reveals, "but she’s super pissed about this."

Tristan Thompson, Kids

It’s not that the photo isn’t wholesome. It’s what she believes motivated it that really rubs her the wrong way.

"She feels like he used their son for a publicity stunt," the insider explains.

That would piss off plenty of parents.

She’s mad, the source says, "and she’s convinced Khloe is to blame."

Khloe could be a convenient scapegoat for all of Jordan’s anger … since Tristan did start dating Khloe while Jordan was pregnant.

On the other hand, Khloe does come from a family of media-savvy experts.

"Jordy’s happy Tristan’s promised to spend more time with Prince," the source goes on to reveal.

"But she’s not so happy about Khloe being a part of her son’s life," the insider explains. "That’s still a very hard pill to swallow."

Jordan Craig

Fans and followers who saw Tristan’s photo were also quick to point out that the picture didn’t seem especially genuine.

"I’m sure Khloe made him take this photo," one wrote on Instagram.

Another commented: "This is so Kris Jenner’s work."

"SO STAGED," one said.

"Did you ask his mom if you can be posting her son online," someone else commented. "Remember she’s not that media hungry type of woman you’re used to."


Tristan Thompson Makes a Face

There may be other reasons behind Jordan’s alleged displeasure.

For over a year, now, she has taken steps on social media to protect Prince’s privacy.

That means not showing clear shots of his face for ages.

This photo was the first glimpse that most fans have gotten of the adorable little boy.

So the comments that weren’t crying foul about the apparently staged or calculated picture were largely positive ones about how cute those two babies are.

Jordan Craig on Instagram

Now, let’s be clear — almost all family photos are staged. That’s how you take a family photo.

Was this picture calculated? Maybe.

Or perhaps, in light of Tristan’s famous wrongdoing, fans and followers are eager to question the motives of any good that he might do or seem to do.

If Tristan had posted this photo without his cheating scandal, Jordan might have been one of very few people whow as annoyed.

But because people struggle to like or trust him, they are ready and eager to see anything that he does as disingenuous.

Something to keep in mind …