Demi Lovato Opens Up About "Addiction Hell" In New Interview

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Earlier this week, fans were shocked to learn that Demi Lovato had relapsed after six years of sobriety.

To her credit, over the years, Lovato has not attempted to conceal her struggles with addiction, instead allowing her story to serve as a cautionary tale for young fans.

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And she's been just as open about her most recent battle with the bottle.

Demi's new song, "Sober," is a surprisingly confessional ballad detailing her lapse back into addiction.

Sadly, Lovato's relapse was not a one-time event but has instead proven to be a source of ongoing difficulty.

Sources say Demi is still drinking, and has been for more than two months.

But it seems she feels that it's important for her fans to see her at her lowest depths, as Radar Online is reporting today that Lovato is planning to grant a candid TV interview to Hoda Kotb of Today.

Demi was reportedly reluctant about stepping back into the spotlight in her current state.

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She had a change of heart, one insider claims, because of three important factors:

1. Her loyalty to her fan base and her desire to be completely straightforward with the millions who have stood by her through thick and thin.

2. Her belief that honesty is the first step to sobriety.

3. Her faith in longtime friend Kotb.

“They have a history together,” the source says of Demi's relationship with Hoda.

“Demi is ready to share what led to the relapse and what she is doing now to stay sober," the insider adds.

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"She has always been very open and honest with her fans about her struggles, so it’s only natural that she would do this.”

There's no word yet on when the interview will take place or when it will air, but the insider says Demi is hoping to sit down with Hoda as soon as possible.

In "Sober," Demi croons the heartbreaking line:

“I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore.”

She lays her soul bare in the song, but the lyrics offer no details about the how, why, and when of Demi's relapse.

Now, it seems she finally fill in those blanks for the sake of her very worried fans.

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