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If you’ve been watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation, then you know that the most recent episode was a tough one for fan favorite Vinny Guadagnino.

Though Vin didn’t cross the line in the same way as Ronnie and his French Fry, the incident captured by MTV cameras clearly didn’t sit well Vin’s then-girlfriend, Elicea Shyann.

Vincent and Paul

Not only did Shyann make her displeasure with Vinny very clear in one of the most uncomfortable duck phone conversations to date, the relationship came to an end shortly after filming wrapped.

But that doesn’t mean either party is finished hashing out the details of Vinny’s betrayal:

Earlier this week, Shyann posted a lengthy Instagram tirade in which she slammed Jersey Shore fans who have found tremendous entertainment in watching her relationship crumble:

“Here’s some free promotion!!!! for the trash everyone loves to watch. I’m a real f—king person who wakes up DAILY to more and more bullsh-t and heartache,” Shyann wrote.

“Enjoy the f-cking show that is my f-cking life. Ppl wonder how ppl end up in the darkest places. Here’s your answer.”

“Humiliation disrespect zero empathy lol it’s truly AMAZING,” Shyann continued in her since-deleted Instagram posts.

“Everyone lives for the drama watching good things go to sh-t.”

Not surprisingly, Shyann’s outrage led to fans putting Vinny on blast on Twitter.

And the Keto Guido was clearly not in the mood for accepting constructive criticism:

“Dude, don’t you know? Talking to bottle girls in a nightclub is cheating duh,” he sarcastically tweeted.

“Forget the guys who have side pieces, cheat on their wives, text, and f–k girls … you’re nice to [a] waitress you cheat.”

“No no I’m a monster. I really shouldn’t have been secure in my relationship enough to go out, be nice to people, be fun and entertaining and still remain loyal,” Guadagnino continued.

“I gave compliments to bottle girls on tv so I’m the worst man alive! Get it right.”

After a fan accused Vinny of saving a waitress’ number in his phone, the reality star defended himself by pointing out a meaningless distinction about the device he was using that night:

“Yep… I can give other girls drunk compliments and still love and be loyal to my girl,” he tweeted.

“And that wasn’t my phone it was the house iTouch (we don’t have phones) so that we can all turn up again as a group. (While still remaining loyal)<- impossible right ?!”

Oh, well in that case …

Vin ended his tirade on a Trumpian note, slamming the purveyors of fake news for alleging that he colluded with foreign strippers:

“Aight I gotta get off Twitter. It’s been fun,” he wrote.

“Thanks and respect to the people who understand the diff between crossing lines and CHEATING. Context and editing. And to the trolls and Fake News. Keep trollin. You are great people!”

Ah, “context and editing.”

The refrain of the reality star who’s not proud of his actions.

One would think that by now, Vinny would be so accustomed to dealing with online criticism that he wouldn’t let it bother him so much.

We guess it stings more than usual when one of those critics is the ex-girlfriend you disrespected on TV.