Paris Jackson Defends Missing Janet Jackson Performance, Says Family Problems Are Private

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Fans and viewers watched in awe as Janet Jackson totally owned the stage at the Billboard Music Awards.

But when the camera panned to some of her family in the audience, some folks were surprised and even saddened to see that Paris Jackson was nowhere to be seen.

Paris responded to the flurry of questions, but she'd really prefer for intrusive fans to mind their own beeswax. That's fair.

Paris Jackson Looks Great

Taking to social media, Paris writes:

"Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, lovers and haters, and fellow moonwalkers:"

That is such a sweet and fun way of addressing everyone, including fans of her late father.

"Please do not tell me/demands/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life."

That is a very fair boundary to set with her fans. And she gets more specific.

"Specifically my family."

Though she has used social media to clap back at family members who think she's going to die, that was her conversation to reveal.

Paris Jackson on the Hearth

She says that her family's highs and lows are very personal.

"As amazing and as s--tty as things can be, it is no one’s business but ours."

But she acknowledges why so many fans lose perspective when it comes to the Jackson family.

"I understand that some of you feel some sort of connection or need to be a part of our lives considering you watched us grow up."

She understands, but she's very politely laying down the law.

"However, I am handling my situation exactly how my father did."

Meaning that she is not going to spill specific details about family troubles.

"And I am happy keeping it that way."

She emphasizes that, even when there are problems (which she isn't denying), she loves her family.

"I will always have love and respect for my family. ALWAYS."

Paris Jackson, Mirror Selfie

Speaking to her fans who want to know more, she makes it clear that even a family that is considered American Royalty has normal family problems.

"Every family has their moments of trauma, heartbreak, separation, love, oneness, tribe, pain, everything. EVERY FAMILY."

But because she is famous, their issues are consumed by millions.

"My family, specifically, and a good number of others … well, our drama is broadcasted worldwide through media."

Just because something is widely reported does not make it unusual, however.

"But that doesn’t mean our family issues are any different from yours."

Except, of course, in one major way.

"Ours are just made public."

Paris Jackson, Topless in the Desert

Paris continues, saying:

"Every level has another devil."

That is a quote that is sometimes attributed to Tyrese Gibson.

"Every life has their own s--t to deal with."


"We ain’t inferior or superior to y’all. We’re all f--king human."

She then takes that we're all human line to shame the people who are demanding that she divulge family drama.

"So let’s act like it."

She emphasizes that she loves her fans, however.

"I appreciate any and every person reading this."

She also makes it clear that she's not whining about her life, in case there was any doubt.

"And I’m grateful for everything in my life, positive and negative."

Paris Jackson, Tattoo and Flowers

When one tabloid took to Twitter to say that Paris' statement hadn't really cleared up anything, Paris responded.

Understandably, she got a little heated.

"And you clearly didn’t get the message. mind. your. own."

Business. That's what she wants people to mind.

"Should i spell it out for you in wooden alphabet blocks?"

We somehow doubt that this would make it clearer.

"No one told me about the performance or award. not my family or my management so take a hike dude."

She has revealed recently that some members of her family have not called or otherwise contacted her for some time.

Paris Jackson Poses Topless on Instagram

For those still curious about her business, Paris did offer a little further context to why she isn't always in the loop on every single thing that members of her extended family get up to.

"i also have like a job and like a life i’m trying to provide for myself n my doggo."

She's a model and an actress, folks.

It is totally okay to wonder about what's going on in the family of people whom you admire.

But when all that's going on is some behind-the-scenes family drama and nobody's getting hurt, try to avoid demanding answers from your faves.

They're real people with real feelings.

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