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Yup. She’s still got it, folks.

On Sunday night at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Janet Jackson was honored with a career achivement tropy.

Prior to accepting the ICON award, however, the legendary artist got up on stage for her first performance in nine years, as well as her first performance ever as a mother.

(Jackson gave birth in early 2017. At the age of 50.)

After being introduced by Bruno Mars, Jackson took to the Las Vegas stage in a sparkling gold sweatshirt dress and shiny gold thigh-high shoes.

She opened her medley of beloved hits with “Nasty,” as her mother Katherine and other family members, including nephew Prince Michael, smiled from the crowd.

Janet then launched into her 1993 song “Throb," reminding everyone of just how long she’s been on the scene and just how many hits are in her catalog.

But it wasn’t just Jackson’s singing and dancing that brought attendees to their feet.

It was her sage and beautiful words afterward.

Upon accepting her well-earned award, Jackson praised the ongoing #MeToo movement, talking at length about this moment in our culture and in society.

“I’m deeply humbled and grateful for this award," she said, adding:

"I believe that for all the challenges… we live a great moment in history. It’s a moment that at long last women have made it clear that we will not be controlled, manipulated or abused.

"I stand with those women and those men.”

The 52-year-old became black woman to receive this distinction at the Billboard Music Awards.

But we can only hope she will not be the last.

Janet Jackson Accepts

Previous winners included Cher, Celine Dion, Prince, Jennifer Lopez and Neil Diamond.

"Our public discourse is loud and harsh," continued Janet.

"My prayer is that weary of such noise, we will turn back to the source of all calmness, that source is God.

"Everything we lack, God has in abundance: compassion, sensitivity, patience and boundless love.

"Again I want to thank all of you for this honor and I thank God for giving me the precious energy that lets me live my life as an artist who every day seeks to expand my capacity to love.”

Watch both Janet’s performance AND her speech below.

Just prepare to get up out of your seat and cheer when it’s all over…