Lauryn Shannon and Joshua Efird: MARRIED!

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Anyone familiar with the story of Cinderella is aware that the Fairy Godmother once turned a pumpkin into a carriage for the Royal Ball.

According to a new report, however, Joshua Efird has gone ahead and turned his Pumpkin into a beautiful wife!

Lauryn Shannon, Daughter

Indeed, Lauryn Shannon exchanged vows on Monday night with the father of her child.

According to TMZ, the ceremony took place in Las Vegas and it was attended by Shannon's famous relatives, sister Honey Boo Boo and mother June.

After the wedding was complete, the entire crew went to dinner on the Strip at the restaurant Buca di Beppo.

(And, yes, the evening and its events were filmed for the upcoming season of Mama June: From Not to Hot.)

Shannon and Efird actually got engaged years ago, after just nine months of dating, back in 2016 when Shannon was only 16 years old.

(Efrid was 19 at the time.)

About a year later, Lauryn confirmed that she was pregnant with her first child, announcing at the age of only 17:

"I'm really excited to be a new mom, but there is some challenges that I am gonna have to face.

"I'm [also] really nervous have having a baby because it does have to come out of my hoo-ha."

Lauryn Shannon on Insta

This is a fact.

And the baby came out of that location in December.

Her name is Ella Grace and Lauryn has been posing alongside her adorable daughter often on Instagram.

"I honestly didn’t know that I could love a little person so much,” Shannon told Us Weekly in February, adding at the time:

“I want her to grow up and not listen to what others have to say, and if she wants to do something, go after it! … I’m not gonna say it’s easy being a young mother.

"It is a hard process, but I’ve grown into it.”

In this same interview, Shannon said a wedding was actually NOT in the works because she wanted to wait until Ella was a "decent age" to take part in it.

Pumpkin and Boyfriend

What changed? We don't know.

But this is still exciting news!

“They say [babies] change things, but honestly I think a kid is maybe what we needed in our relationship,” Pumpkin also said this winter of she and Efird.

“We’ve become closer than any other time. We both help each other out. It’s like it’s a team thing now.”

But how does Mama June feel about all of this?

She hasn't spoken out on the marriage, although she did speak harshly on Efird just a few months ago.

"Josh gets on my ever-loving last God damn nerve," June says in the following clip from her reality show.

"I told him he needs to get a better job if he’s going to support my grandchild," she continued.

"Every time he thinks that I let my guard down, I’ll be right behind him saying, ‘Boom motherf-cker.'"

Yikes, huh? Good luck being an official part of this family, dude.

"If Josh thinks I'm always going to be him and Pumpkin's safety net, they got another damn thing coming," June adds in the above video.

Will she change her tune now that Josh is her official son-in-law?

Guess we'll need to wait for Season 3 to find out.

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