Lala Kent: Yes, I Blow My Boyfriend for Jewelry!

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Lala Kent was forced to go on the offensive Monday night.

The Vanderpump Rules veteran found herself the target of her co-stars' wrath when the topic on the show's reunion special turned to boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Or, to be more specific, to possibly MARRIED boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Lala Kent Smiles

Was Kent's lover really someone else's husband when the two started dating?

Andy Cohen asked Kent this question directly during the aforementioned gathering.

"You've been together for a while. You're clearly very happy. You denied over the years all of the allegations that your boyfriend was married," Cohen, who moderated the reunion, said on air.

He then popped the question:

"It seems that maybe he was married when you started dating, correct?"

Replied a hesitant Lala:

"Well, when I met...Rand...he had a legal separation. So, I don't see how I did anything wrong."

Emmett is a movie and TV producer.

For the record: finalized his divorce in December and he has two children with his ex-wife.

All of the Vanderpump Rules cast members confirmed on the special that they have met Kent's latest lover.

It's Lala Kent

The topic on the special eventually turned from Emmett's marital status to whether Kent is simply digging up gold by dating her new man.

That is, what does Kent have to say about the cars, purses and shoes that Emmett has purchased for her?

All the "materialistic things," as Scheana Marie said, eyes fully rolled, during the reunion?

Kent was not happy with this implication. She fired back at her colleagues and their implication that she's only in this relationship for the monetary perks.

"Everyone can sit there and be like, 'Her man does this; her man does that.' It's like, 'OK, you're just mad 'cause your man doesn't do that!'" she yelled.

Lala Kent Strikes a Pose

And she wasn't done defending herself, either.

"Whenever I make music, it comes out of my pocket," Kent said, elaborating in angry detail:

"My rent? My man gave me a cap, which, we are well above the cap, so mama payin' a lot for rent. As far as my cars go, it's like, 'Here's the lease, but you best be payin' insurance.'"

Kent also said she's driving a BMW i8, which can cost as much as $150,000.

"I have it for a few months just to, like, dink around," Kent said, not realizing how awful a job she was doing of shooting down that whole gold digger accusation.

Later in the reunion special, Kent was asked to defend her specific "brand" of feminism. 

Lala Kent on Insta

Said Lisa Vanderpump at this point:

"I love Lala, but she's not exactly the quintessential feminist if she's talking about, 'Well, I give a BJ, and I get the jewelry.'"

In response, Kent reminded her boss:

"Keep in mind I am blowing my boyfriend. I'm not blowing some random guy for the jewelry. Come on!"

That is an important distinction.

It's one thing to go around providing sexual favors in exchange for goods and/or services. There's a name given to women who do this.

But it's another thing to provide a sexual favor for your exclusive boyfriend, who happens to be well off and who likes to buy you stuff.

Click on the video below to watch Vanderpump Rules online and watch these heated exchanges between Kent and the other women on stage:

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