Tristan Thompson Feared He Got His Side Piece Pregnant

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Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant.

This is really all you need to know in order to think the professional basketball player is a giant jerk face.

But new details have emerged regarding Thompson's behavior over the past few months that will make you think he's a HUGE giant jerk face.

Tristan Thompson Looks Dumb

As everyone with an Internet connection knows by now, Thompson almost definitely slept with multiple over throughout his girlfriend's pregnancy.

Earlier this month, TMZ shared footage of Thompson walking into a New York City hotel very early on a Sunday morning with a woman he had been partying with earlier that night.

Elsewhere, The Daily Mail shared snippets of a surveillance video that depicted Thompson making out with one woman while being groped by another.

Tristan has not come out and denied reports of his infidelity are inaccurate.

Now, meanwhile, In Touch Weekly has run a cover story that highlights just how devious and irresponsible Thompson acted while he was out railing various side pieces.

One in particular.

Khloe Kardashian on In Touch Cover

The tabloid claims that Thompson hit on an unnamed woman last November in New York, when Khloe was four months along.

The woman apparently was aware Thompson and Kardashian were an item, although In Touch writes that Thompson never mentioned anything about his relationship or the impending baby.

Tristan allegedly brought his companion back to the Four Seasons Hotel in an SUV.

He exited the vehicle first and had her circle the block a few times before coming up to his room... where they proceeded to have unprotected sex.

Yes, according to this article, Thompson did not use a condom while violating Khloe's trust and entering this woman's vagina.

“She slept with him because he’s an NBA star, but she thinks he’s hot, too,” an insider says of this mistress, adding:

“She said that the sex was good.” 

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

The woman reportedly stayed the night with Thompson and even filmed a video of him in bed, which In Touch says it has obtained.

“He was definitely not careful at all about making sure that nobody knew who she was or that she didn’t have her phone,” the source tells the magazine.

He or she also says Thompson had two cellphones on his nightstand, presumably one he used a majority of the time and one he used just to set up hook-ups.

“It’s so sketchy," says the source.

The morning after he banged this woman, Thompson supposedly texted her and asked if she had used "Plan B," which is a pill a woman can take the day after sex to prevent pregnancy.

Mom and Dad Pic

Three months passed before they hooked up again.

In Touch says Thompson texted the woman and invited her to see his team play in another city in February.

“He paid for her flight,” says the insider. “And she slept over again.”

Pretty darn shady all around, right?

No wonder Khloe is thinking of taking her daughter and leaving Thompson for good.

Can you possibly blame her?!?

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