Matt Lauer: Kicked Outta the House By Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife!

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In the wake of Matt Lauer's firing from NBC and the horrifying revelations about his behavior, his marriage has fallen apart.

For months now, Annette Roque has wanted Lauer out of her house. Now, it's reported that he's finally moved out.

But Roque apparently had to take drastic measures.

Annette Roque

Us Weekly reports that Matt Lauer has moved out, at long last.

But their source reveals that he wasn't exactly eager to go.

"Getting him to move out was quite daunting because Matt was refusing to leave."

Despite Lauer and Roque's divorce being underway, it sounds like he didn't want to budge from the family residence.

And he apparently had one reason for dragging his heels.

"It was all about Matt, who expressed concern about how it would look to the media in the wake of being fired by NBC."

As absurd as it sounds that he could be preoccupied with his public image, despite everything, that does fit in with reports that he believes that he has a second chance at his career.

Matt Lauer, wife Annette Roque, Throwback

The insider continues, saying that Lauer seems to not understand how all of this is hurting his family.

"Annette was simply at a loss for words because she had hoped that he would recognize this was best for her and the kids."

Ultimately, she had to take drastic measures. The source says that she had to threaten legal action -- which finally got him to pack his bags.

"Matt will always be more concerned about public perception and obviously doesn’t want to make headlines for being forced out of the house."

It's so sad to hear that he cares more about his image than about right and wrong.

Matt Lauer, wife Annette Roque

Even with his departure, he'll still be part of the lives of their children.

"Annette told him that there would never be any limitations on access to their kids."

But things between the divorcing spouses are different. The source reports that they hardly communicate anymore.

"It’s minimal on good days."

And the source continues, saying:

"But mostly nonexistent."

All things considered, very few can blame Roque for not wanting to speak to the man who cheated on her. And adultery is the least of his alleged wrongdoings.

Matt Lauer Smirks

There have been reports that say that, despite everything, Matt Lauer believes that he can make a comeback.

Sure, most would like to believe that the man accused of multiple affairs, sexual harassment visited upon his subordinates, and of raping a woman in his office is as broken and ashamed as some have claimed.

But considering that Lauer reportedly used NBC as a hunting ground for years, going so far as to have a remote lock installed for his office door, it's easy to believe that his worldview is so divorced from reality that he thinks that he can have a career again.

Perhaps he is thinking of the long history of men accused of doing evil, unforgivable things who somehow continue to have careers.

Convicted rapist Mike Tyson has his own show on Adult Swim. Woody Allen keeps making movies to critical acclaim. Chris Brown is still selling music. Johnny Depp is starring in the new Harry Potter movies.

But as much as those men are despised by many people, they weren't exposed during the #MeToo movement. Matt Lauer was. Many hope that this will make the difference, and that he'll never be able to claw his way back into social acceptance.

Matt Lauer Looks Dour

Contrary to what the reviled former NBC host might like to believe, Today is doing just fine without Matt Lauer.

In fact, ratings are higher than they've been in 5 years.

It's possible that, one day, people will wax nostalgic about how awkwardly charming they found Lauer when he covered the Olympics and will be willing to forget what he was doing to his colleagues when the cameras weren't running.

At the moment, however, many people familiar with the allegations against him don't even want to look at him.

Annette Roque and her children are better off without having to share their home with him.

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